So busy. Just enough time to blog a little before I head out for the day!


My Amelia pattern is up in Winter Knitty! I knit this one back in September and even wore it at Rhinebeck (without buttons – see?) so people there got a bit of a sneak peak! (Sorry I never sent the pattern to you cassie – oops.)

I love, love, love the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted I used for this pattern (and would certainly be amenable if someone wanted to send me some more to design with…not that I think I’m entitled!) – it’s so soft and squishy, especially the garter stitch cuffs. The stitch definition is awesome so the bits of twisted ribbing really pop!


Natalie, who works with me at lettuce knit, is an awesome model, no? It was totally freezing out and she was willing to stand through quite a few snaps. Also she is super cute. (Her hat is Princess Diana’s memorial tartan, or something.)

I’m stalling out on the Christmas present thing, although my grandfather’s vest is very nearly done. I’m just finding it really tough to motivate myself to pick up stitches and stuff! Instead I cast on for a new Lucy in the Sky for myself, out of some nearly-black Dream in Color. I really want to get it knit over the holidays…

…so that I can have something new to take along on a trip in the new year! A friend and I have gone a little cuckoo-nuts and are planning a long trip basically around the world starting January 18. I’m only going for six weeks while he’s planning to stay a bit longer, but we’re still in the planning stages and looking for places to stay (recommendations for cheap+decent places or couch crashing!) or people to meet up with (because some English-speaking help would be really appreciated) in the following places:

– Tokyo, Japan (around Jan 18-22)
– Shanghai and Beijing (to 2/1)
– Singapore (2/1 = 2/6)

After that we’ll be headed to India to stay with his family in Chennai (Madras) and Delhi, along with some other internal side-trips. Then I’m coming home with a stop in Europe, either Rome, Amsterdam or maybe Edinburgh to visit Ys again!

There’s so much to do to plan for this trip! Yikes! It’s seriously freaking me out. But it’s true, no one ever regretted traveling. Whew. Now what kind of knitting do I take for 6 weeks?!



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17 responses to “Amelia!”

  1. gleek Avatar

    amelia is super cute! i love that ribbing that goes around the waist :) i’m so jealous of your round-the-world trip! i’ve always wanted to do that. good for you!

  2. Lisa (knithound brooklyn) Avatar

    This was my favorite pattern from Knitty Winter!!

  3. Aditi Avatar

    What an awesome pattern!
    Have a fabulous trip. I’m going on a 3.5mo trip and am having SUCH a hard time picking out enough knitting for it! When in doubt, pack more yarn! That’s my motto!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    I just got back from Tokyo StitchnB..they have a daytime and nighttime group…..I was able to make it to the day group and what a welcoming crew!Lots of Bilinguals and fun and friendship. They have a yahoo group…Tell’m Lisa sent ya!..any other questions abt tokyo ( i spent a week) just ask….
    Lisa , just outside new Orleans

  5. Jessimuhka Avatar

    This is a great sweater. It’s jumped up my queue to be next.

  6. Charity Avatar

    This is such a lovely pattern! How do you think it would do in a variegated yarn? :0)

  7. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    Socks and lace! Socks for the adventurous bits where you want to catch everything that’s going on; lace for the down times, when you’re stuck waiting in a train station for hours.

  8. jy Avatar

    Hiya, I’m a Singaporean student studying in London. Singapore is a predominantly English-speaking society, so I trust that you will not encounter problems when getting around :)

    Feel free to fire any questions about pocket-friendly accommodation at our Singaporean group:


  9. Judy H. Avatar

    Nadia stole my answer! Socks and lace don’t get big and ungainly, so they’re easy to travel with.

    I have some LL in exactly that color that has been looking for a project! I think I will have to start my own Amelia soon.

  10. Lisa in Toronto Avatar
    Lisa in Toronto

    Lots of nice sock/lace yarn to be had in China!
    Book ahead in China if you can – it is going to be Chinese New Year time. It may be very difficult to book trains/planes …
    You may want to look into Motel 168 or 268, or the Home Inn chain. I have not tried Home Inn, but both are supposed to be basic business hotels at low prices. Motel 268 is more deluxe and costs 268 RMB (about $50 CAD/night)… it had a nice shower, TV with BBC, and free internet, but also a lot of orange plastic.

  11. Debbie Avatar

    Your design is really pretty. I love this sweater. Wow! Your trips sound amazing!

  12. The Knitting Archaeologist Avatar

    May I recommend The Netherlands. I loved Rome and Scotland, but I really took a liking to Amsterdam. It’s very scenic. The people are polite but not pushy, and there are just soo many cute little places to wander into. I was only there a week, and I wish I could move there tomorrow:) Have a great trip!

  13. Moggle Avatar

    I love that pattern.

  14. Leslie Avatar

    That sweater is adorable. Just enough detail to keep it interesting, yet still simple and classic. Your trip sounds amazing–I wouldn’t know how to plan for something that big!

  15. Caitlin Avatar

    For the knitting, I recommend a few pairs of socks and a small shawl. That got me through long plane and train rides and were portable enough to always have close by.

  16. Bruxa Avatar

    Wow, I absolutely LOVE the color!! And the pattern too! One more of your patterns that joins my queue :) The first top-down I ever knitted was yours, and I plan to knit the V-neck sweater, the Lucy Cardigan and the B-side as well! I just love your works and your pictures :)

    BTW I’m also jealous of your trip around the world… I’ve never travelled for longer than 2 weeks and 6 weeks seems a lot to me!! May I suggest a destination in Europe? Barcelona :) The people over at the Barcelona Stitch’n’Bitch (including myself) would be glad to have you here! :)

  17. Seanna Lea Avatar

    This is a great pattern!

    I’m definitely a bit jealous of your great trip. The furthest I’ve been outside the U.S. was a trip to Toronto a couple of years ago before I needed a passport to travel to Canada.

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