all gone

Was I right or was I right?? I just checked Elann, and less then 12 hours after going on sale there’s only 6 balls left of one colour of the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. I didn’t get any because I’m waiting for the tweed instead – I’ll have to be up for 9!

Today I went to Romni…looked all around and such, and looked through the Rowan books for all the big-gauge yarns. I didn’t buy anything – there’s just too much. Plus it’s such a mess in there. Unless I really need some specific yarn for a project and there’s nothing suitable on Elann or something, I think it’ll be awhile before I go there again.

Afterwards I walked over to the Knit Cafe, and had a cappuccino and sat and knit for awhile. Very nice space, lots of light, good coffee. Too far for me, though. I probably won’t go there very often. But still, it was nice and I got to feel Cascade 220.

I promise to post some progress pics tonight, just as soon as my batteries are charged!






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