So here’s the lace pattern that I finally settled on for the aguas sweater. It’s “Roman Stripe” from a Barbara Walker book, and it’s reversible too! This pattern has an odd number of rows to it, and is very easy to work.

Unfortunately this swatch lied to me a bit – I cast on using the 6 sts/in that I got in this swatch and it was WAY too big. It’s taken a few restarts for me to be happy with the size, so I think I’m finally on my way with this project.

I did get sidetracked by the little pink sweater in my last post, and have worked up almost 2 whole sweaters in the last week and a half! I guess I’m having a bit of a burst of pattern creativity at the moment, which is great. Time to go and knit!

6 Responses to “aguas sweater, part 3 – the winning stitch”

  1. Laura

    Am enjoying the creation of this sweater. Do you think that it will be able to be done in all stockinette if one so desired?

  2. Becky

    Aquas is lovely. Beautiful stitch pattern for it.
    I’m really curious about the little pink sweater.


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