I’m busy busy finishing up a big Secret Project, but of course since that’s nearing completion I’m thinking ahead to the next thing! I thought it might make for some interesting blogging if I work through the idea and execution with you all. I can’t promise it’ll be done soon or anything, but anyway. Onwards! Today – concept and construction notes.

a new sweater idea!

So here’s the sketch of my idea. I had the a while ago – it’s not a revolutionary sweater concept of course, I’m sure everyone’s seen (or owns) a cardigan like this! It’s also similar in shape to my Rayne Wrap Cardigan that I released nearly three (whoa) years ago.

One big difference with this sweater – the working title of which shall be “aguas” – is that it has set-in sleeves and seamed shoulders. This will help it sit better on the tops of the shoulders, and means a better fit through the sleeve and shoulder. I haven’t quite decided how I want to do the sleeve yet, but I’m thinking a fairly slim fit and perhaps ending just below the elbow.

Aguas will be knit from side to side, like Rayne, but in pieces to be seamed together. It’ll have the traditional cardigan pieces of a back, two fronts, and two sleeves, but knit from side to side. I drew up a quick schematic of how I’m planning to make the shaping work.


As you can see I’ll be casting on at the centre front and work across to the armhole and side seam. The fronts are long and extended for the drapey ruffle at the front. Many of the storebought versions of this shape have sort of a shawl collar at the back of the next that extends down the fronts, but this one will be more straight down without a collar.

I want to use a lighter weight yarn with this incarnation, so I’m going with Malabrigo Sock in, you guessed it, the colour Aguas! I’m afraid I’m not very creative with working titles.

Up next – knit this whole sweater in fingering weight stockinette? I do love stockinette, but maybe not that much. So stitch pattern ahoy!

6 Responses to “aguas sweater, part 1”

  1. Lauren

    I love posts like this that show the conception and planning of a design. It’s really interesting and inspiring to hear about your thought process. Looks like a very cool idea–I will be excited to watch as the sweater progresses!

  2. Beatriz

    Besides being the Spanish word for water, aguas also means watch out, or look out. Besides the flattering fabric draping going on in front, I like the play on words…intentional or not.

  3. Laura

    this is exactly the sweater I have been wanting to knit !!! I love that it has seamed shoulders and set in sleeves. Please do it in a lightweight gauge – fingering or sport. I am anxiously awaiting the pattern :-)
    Thank you Laura

  4. Jan

    This design looks intriguing. I love the idea of set in sleeves. I also think that using Malibringo sock yarn would give the sweater beautiful drape. I just completed a shawl using this yarn and found it so nice to work with. I can hardly wait to see your progress. Everything you make is lovely.


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