a Winona for me

My Winona!




For my version, I used stash yarn that I’ve had for a few years – Sliver Moon Farm fingering weight merino, which is super squishy and bouncy. I used less than 4 skeins in a lovely grey blue. I knit the size 36.5″, which fits me well in the shoulders with a bit of negative ease (an inch or so), but is nicely flared over my stomach and hips. It’s a more exaggerated silhouette than you might be used to, but it is so easy to wear. I’ll be wearing it over a dress (the one above is from Garnet Hill) all spring and summer.

Not a dress wearer? No worries, jeans are awesome too!



Buy it at Twist Collective!



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6 responses to “a Winona for me”

  1. Pam D'Esopo Avatar
    Pam D’Esopo

    This sweater looks really comfortable!

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    I confess, I like your version better than the one modelled for Twist. Your yarn really highlights the textured lines. Lovely.

  3. Andrea Avatar

    I like yours better too. I had not realized the texture in the twist collective sample!

  4. Kayten Kraft Avatar

    Wow! Looks lovely on you. Thanks for naming us yet again. We’ll be at Cummington, Southern Adirondack, and Rhinebeck. Hope we get to see you somewhere.

  5. Janine Avatar

    I really love this version in fingering, it looks so lovely. Did you use the same needle size as the dk version?

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