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A tiny free pattern for a tiny Santa hat ornament!

Red and white yarn, a few yards
Appropriate double pointed needles
tapestry needle

– I used Ultra Alpaca Light and doubled some red fingering weight, and used 3mm needles.

With white (or brim colour), cast on 30 sts. Divide over 3 needles (10 sts per needle) and join to work in the round.

(Purl 1 round, knit 1 round) twice, then purl 1 more round – 3 garter ridges.

Cut white yarn and join red. Knit 2 rounds.

Crown Decreases
Next Round: (ssk, k to end of needle) three times.
Knit 1 round.

Rep last 2 rounds until just 3 stitches remain.
Cut yarn and thread onto a tapestry needle. Run the needle through the remaining live stitches and pull tight to close. Weave in ends.

To make the pompom, I used the white yarn and just wrapped it around my thumb until it was thick enough, then tied it in the middle and cut it open – like so!. Trim the pompom until you like the way it looks, then sew to the top of the hat.

Thread a bit of silvery or contrasting yarn through the top of the hat and knot to make it into an ornament.


8 Responses to “a tiny santa hat”

  1. Jennifer

    I love it! Thanks for the free pattern. I have been on a mini knitting kick for the past few years for the holidays. I even turned 2 wreaths into mini knit display wreaths. Maybe you want to do the same! I’m off to knit a Santa hat now…


  2. Rita

    thank you so much for the beautiful little Santa hat. I will make many of them for my whole family.They will be so happy. I am crazy for miniature things. I made six tiny gnomes today.
    They are on ravelry.

    Thanks again Laura, love your work.

  3. Donna

    Thank you so much, Laura for the tiny Santa hat pattern. I can’t wait to cast one (many?) on!


  4. Maïté

    Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto très clair ! Je viens de finir le petit chapeau. C’est très mignon ! Je vous souhaite de Joyeuses Fêtes !


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