a star, bay-bee

Well, I haven’t got pictures this time, but I thought a post was in order.

I’m making headway on the last-minute presents! I finished knitting the pieces to another Pasha tonight at SnB – love how it goes so fast. The sewing up is a different matter, though. That might have to be down to the wire – like Thursday night or even Friday night.

I’ve also started a simple garter stitch triangular scarf for my grandmother, out of TLC Cotton Plus in red. Gotta work on that every spare moment! This Christmas knitting thing is insane – and this is only my immediate family and first cousins, not like some people who knit for their “ex-roommate’s mother”! :p

There was a reporter and photographer at SnB today – so look for me in the ID section of the Toronto Star sometime soon, ha. I always find the media things hilarious for some reason, especially the photographers. I hope I look okay!

So here are my plans for knitting up a storm after Christmas knitting is completed…
– the koigu gloves
– finish the Must Have
– Clapotis (I’ve already started – one straight section done!)
– scarf, hat and mittens (pour MOI)
– then onto mariah

I think that boxing day at the store I’ll get Cotton Fleece for some very tall socks, and maybe some alpaca, manos, and fleece artist. Damn man, I didn’t really feel like buying yarn for awhile there but now I’m all excited! I also really want some of the Elann Highland Wool Chunky (on sale Tuesday), but I don’t know what colour to get. As long as it’s on the sneak peek page, what do y’all think?






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