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I don’t have much knitting or spinning progress to show today – everything’s just sort of plugging along. I started a super secret project for a gift, which is due by the last week of June. Gotta get that one done!

At any rate, some spinning/yarn musings. Friday a wheel arrived at the store for Megan/store spinning. It was a Louet S10 double treadle.

I used it for awhile, and although it took a bit of getting used to, it was really nice to use. Now, if I could afford the double treadle, I would definitely consider getting that wheel. But it’s kind of big, and their cheaper model is only single treadle.

The wheels I really want? An Ashford Joy ($675 including taxes and shipping, plus accessories) or a Lendrum double treadle ($533, plus taxes, plus shipping, plus accessories)

Yum. But the wheel I do believe I shall get:

An Ashford Kiwi (about $300 including shipping and taxes, plus accessories). It’s affordable, double treadle, easy to get parts. I’m still hoping that my parents will pay for it as an early birthday present – and if they want to kick in a little more money, maybe I could get an Ashford Traveller.

Enough about wheels. Something else – how about a yarn diet?

I have realized that I have very much yarn and not much money – the funds, they are getting lower due to the fact that I’m working less because of school. D’oh. So, even though I really really really want some Knitpicks stuff, I’m going to have to hold off. I think the diet will be at least until the end of the month.

Exceptions: yarn if needed to finish a project, and uh….the cotton going up at Elann on tuesday? Er, diet starts Tuesday, 12:15. Yeah, that’s it.



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4 responses to “a post about nothing much”

  1. ~Jo~ Avatar

    I’m with you with the Lendrum wheel, I love it but still I have not clue on how to spin. Though knowing a wheel will be at the store might give me the chance to see someone spin next time I’m in town. ;)

  2. Vicki Avatar

    All those nice wheels. That’s why I dread starting the spinning thing. $300 isn’t that bad though really, especially if it’s a birthday present :)

  3. Brianna Avatar


    Have you considered a Fricke Finest? I’ve not spun on this wheel, but a very knowledgable spinner did a rundown of ‘Kiwi vs Fricke’ and the Fricke just seemed like a better deal – better wood, more ratios and bobbins for about the same amount of money.

    Maybe take a look? =)

    -Brianna (who spins on a Jensen)

  4. christine Avatar

    Consider the Lendrum!! I had a Traveler that I just traded up for a Loet S75 double tredle. The Traveler was just too much bother to change bobbins, and not as portable as I had hoped. Small bobbins, but a pretty wheel. I learned on a Joy, single treadle. That is a sweet wheel, smooth and so well designed. The Lendrum is super portable, has big bobbins, and is smooth as silk. I wish I had not tried to save a few dollars on my first purchase. Seems like there is not one wheel that has it all, but I think the Lendrum comes the closest. My new Loet fits really nice on my car seat, gets belted in. Its pretty, smooth as silk and so easy to change the bobbins. I got a free skein winder too!

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