A Flowery Monday

Pretty things to brighten up your Monday!

sakura at high park

sakura at high park

sakura at high park

sakura at high park

sakura at high park

Viewing the cherry blossoms at High Park (along with everyone else in town!), May 8 2015.


peas, early May

radishes, early may

They’re growing! Dianthus (carnations), peas, radishes.







3 responses to “A Flowery Monday”

  1. Sue Avatar

    GORGEOUS!!! I can almost smell the cherry blossoms. : ) xo

  2. Mary Avatar

    Such a lot of cherry blossoms! Wonderful photos!

  3. Christine Dunn Avatar
    Christine Dunn

    I am knitting your waffles children’s pullover. I am on the second set of the pattern, beginning with Row 2. I have an odd number of stitches in the first group (7) which does not allow me to work the pattern, K2, P2, up to the first marker. Am I missing something or is this correct. I have worked it several times, which given the size of the yarn, has not been much fun. I am making a size 8. I was not able to find any other place on your website to ask this question.

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