a bit o

Black alpaca sweater on ebony circs? Hmmm, my eyes might not like me for this…

…but the needles are soo nice. Lantern Moon, 4 mm, 26″.

I spun a bunch today (first time in a wee while) and ended up with these three skeins among the “leftovers”.

The melon one in the back is the small amount of 2 ply I spun onto a second bobbin after filling one. The one in the middle is the leftover singles from that yarn plied with the leftovers from a yellow/orange (that’s up on etsy), and then the yellow yarn in the front is the remaining leftovers navajo-plied. Yum yum. There’s only a few yards of each (50 for the in-between one, 30 for the yellow, not sure about the melon) but put together into a colour graded hat or something they’d be awesome.

More colour: pretty-ing up some roving to use at the store for my next drop spindle class. I’m planning on dyeing a lot more this week. I especially love the electric violet of the one on the right.

Finally, in actual knitting, the second Traveler’s Stocking (from Knitting on the Road) is up to the heel, ready to be turned in tomorrow’s sock class at the store. Soon to be complete!






4 responses to “a bit o”

  1. Leslie Avatar

    Yum, black Alpaca. You’re a brave one using black circs, though. My eyes just aren’t that good anymore.

  2. mote Avatar

    Wow, and I thought grey laceweight on gray needles was tough on the eyes…

    That alpaca looks really nice. I have a bunch of black alpaca top waiting to spin up, and I think you’ve just inspired me to get started on it. =)

  3. Sherri Avatar

    Big fan of the electric purple/blue! (hint hint!)

    Can I dare to hope that I’ll be as good as you one day? Time will tell!

  4. Dawn Avatar

    woah. That sock looks gorgeous! Maybe I will give that pattern another (uhh, fourth?) try…

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