a friday outing

I’m headed out to the Textile Museum’s “More Than Just a Yardage Sale” shortly, but I wanted to show you my progress on the cashmere cardigan!

cashmere body

Almost done in the photo, cast off in real life. I just broke into the fourth skein to finish the bottom of the body, so I should have plenty of yarn to finish the bands and sleeves (I’ve got six skeins). It’s amazing, really, that three skeins got me almost to the bottom of the body!

Thanks for your responses to my woven scarf! I’ve been weaving up a storm and will have some scarves to sell on Etsy next week or so – all sorts of goodies and colours.






3 responses to “a friday outing”

  1. Natasha Avatar

    HI! I love your woven scarf, it is what drew me to your blog…and I hope to continue reading it now. I was just wondering if you could post a link to your etsy shop? Maybe I haven’t read far enough down yet?
    Natasha (in Brampton)

  2. LynnH Avatar

    You are going to love that sweater. I’m guessing you have a yarn that is thin-ish, being cashmere?

    Seems that thinner sweater yarns knit forever on one skein. In any case, enjoy!

  3. Debbie Avatar

    I can’t wait to hear when you’ll have the scarves listed on Etsy! What is your name on Etsy?

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