Wool & Wine in the County

I’m back from the Rosehaven Yarn retreat and I had such an excellent time! Lesley was an amazing host, and everyone was so nice.

I took the train out to Belleville where Lesley’s husband picked me up, and we made a quick stop at Rosehaven before heading over to the venue, Jackson’s Falls Inn.



There were a few too many of us for the inn to accommodate, so I was actually staying down the road a bit at Black River B&B – the room was so luxurious, and I even had a deck looking over the Black River. This city girl even got to see a few stars at night. Big thanks to Meredith for letting me hitch a ride back and forth!



The schoolhouse at Jackson’s Falls where meals were (as well as classes) was so cozy! Paul and Lee provided so much good food and were great at handling different food requirements for such a big group.




On Saturday afternoon Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co dropped by – it’s a converted fire truck that’s now a yarn truck!



The knitters ranged from a lady who has only been knitting for 10 months to an amazing 90-years-young woman who just picked up spinning, got a wheel for Christmas and knit up a handspun shawl! So inspiring. My classes went well I think! I taught Continental & Combined knitting, Entrelac, and two-handed colourwork. The other teacher, Cheryl, taught Brioche, Mosaic and Toe up two socks at once!

Something kinda freaky – Cheryl has a sister named Laura…and I have a sister named Cheryl! How weird is that?!


Nancy sees me taking a photo…


I picked up a wee bit of yarn (Quince&Co Tern) and a patch and t-shirt from Purlin’ J, as well as some gorgeous clothes from Cut Loose which Lesley carries in her shop.

Thanks to Lesley for inviting me to teach, and everyone for being so awesome! I had a fantastic time.

P.S. This is unrelated, but while I’m thinking of it – my favourite de-pilling tool, Gleener, has given me a coupon code to share with you all! Use code LAURA10 to receive 10% off until December 25, 2015 – it makes a fantastic gift as well.

a rainy Friday


I started a pair of mitts in the same pattern as my peeries hat, but it was too small even for my tiny wrists! If it had been the same number of stitches in straight stockinette or ribbing it would’ve been fine, but stranded colourwork alwyays decreases the stretchiness and inner circumferences of the piece with all those floats.


Here’s a picture of the finished hat that…is kind of terrible. My head isn’t shaped well for this style of hat, plus it’s a medium and I wear a large! (I have big hair AND a big head.) I promise to get MUCH better photos before I release the pattern ;)

I’m off to the train station shortly to head to Prince Edward County for the Wool & Wine in the County Retreat! Send me some good travel vibes? Despite the amount of travelling it looks like I do, I actually get pretty anxious and nervous about leaving my house, especially on my own! Eeep!

peeries and monday things


It’s November?! I can’t promise I’ll blog every day in November, but I really would like to write here more, and it’s a good kick in the pants.

I got it in my head that I wanted a new stranded colourwork hat pattern for my retreat class on the weekend, so here’s a sneak peek! It’s all peeries, which are small patterns of 1-7 rounds. After all the sweaters I’ve knit lately, it’s quite lovely to work up a worsted weight hat, and this one is extra fun! I’m just about up to the crown shaping now. The pattern will be available for everyone in a week or two – I’m hoping to do some little handwarmers to match, or maybe full mittens? What do you think?


This leek and potato soup was yummy! My mods: more leeks, a mixture of unpeeled yellow and red potatoes (mini ones, because that’s what we had), and a splash of heavy cream at the end. Delicious!


I really, really wanted cherry pie. I have a soft spot for canned cherry pie filling, but at $5/can I passed in favour of frozen sweet cherries for this pie. I looked at a few recipes, mostly this one. I don’t think I’ve ever made a cherry pie before.

Things I would do differently next time / notes
– My crust was a little too crumbly for rolling out this time – but usually I’m pretty good at it. I do want to experiment with lard pie crusts!
– The sweet cherries are really big, so I would cut them up next time.
– Plus it was a bit too juicy, so I’d either cook the filling down a bit in a pan, or discard some of the juices from the resting period. I should really know this by now, I’ve made quite a few runny pies. Time to try tapioca as a thickener, too.
– Lattice top needs work – but that’s also related to the too-crumbly crust!
– Topped with turbinado sugar, which looks pretty awesome.