Month: June 2015

  • Tiny Garden, June 12

    It’s not so tiny any more! Things grow so fast at this stage. The peas look great! I hope they don’t ALL mature while we’re away on vacation, but on the plus side at least my cousin will have something to harvest when she comes over to water? Beans (green and purple), zucchini, eggplant. Maybe […]

  • Spring/Summer Accessory Patterns

    As a follow up to my post on Spring/Summer sweater patterns, here are some of my older lightweight accessory patterns to knit this season! Links go to Ravelry where you can purchase them (or click the “patterns” menu at the top of my site). I’m actually kind of enjoying looking back through my older designs […]

  • Recent Finds

    I met up with Denny at the Textile Museum’s “More than just a yardage sale” on Friday and found some great stuff! See previous years’ haul posts here and here! Usually the sale is held partly in the building and partly in tents in the adjacent parking lot – but the lot was filled with […]