Harrisville Designs Fall 2014: Brentwood

Yay! Harrisville Designs’ Fall collection is out, and I have not one but TWO sweater patterns in it! Check out the whole lookbook here.

Photo: Harrisville Designs/Caro Sheridan


Official blurb: Brentwood is a cozy, tunic length cardigan that’s easy to knit with deep ribbed edges, textured stitch pattern and sailor collar. Deep pockets and long sleeves ensure this is one sweater you’ll live in this fall! Full disclosure: I didn’t knit this sample. Mari asked if I thought I could swing 2 designs for this collection, and although I was up for the math and writing, my wrists weren’t quite up to the task! So I asked my bestest buddy Denny to knit the sample for me. She did an amazing job, of course. I did knit the pockets, since I decided to add them later on in the process.


Photo: Harrisville Designs/Caro Sheridan


Wanna see my original sketch? I know I love seeing the beginnings of designs.


“Seersucker Tunic Cardigan”


And here’s my swatch – the Seersucker stitch is easy, just knit and purl, and is lovely and squishy.


seersucker stitch


I managed to get a few photos on my dressform before I sent off the sweater for a different perspective. Random aside: I tried to change the size of my dressform today and none of the dials would move at all. I guess it’s going to remain rather smaller than me for the time being!


Brentwood Brentwood


The colour is difficult to capture, but it’s such a lovely deep green with yellow undertones. Harrisville’s Highland has so much depth from combining different colours of fibres. It’s definitely a wooly-wool, but I love the sturdiness – it really feels like it would hold up forever. The skeins are nice and big, with 200 yards each, and quite affordable as well.



Big pockets! The buttons are from AnnyMay on Etsy, based in Montreal.

Queue and Fave on Ravelry!

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