Wednesday things

garden, July 21

Garden view, July 21 – you can see we finally took out the crappy, sad zucchini at the back and have planted some beans that I hope will spring up quickly.

garden, July 21

eggplant flowers

Eggplant flowers!

Matt's Wild Cherry

So close!


more and more tomatoes

seed stitch

Swatching for a new sweater – Anzula Haiku, a cool blend of superwash merino, bamboo and nylon.

new shawl project

New shawl project, too.

ready for action

Is three projects enough for 7 days away?!

carrots and bread

Garden: things are just going along, the very first cherry tomatoes are juuuuust starting to get a blush! I think we’re going to have to pull out the peas and zucchini this weekend, because they’re just not doing well. I might plant some bush beans in their places, those always do well!

We pulled another carrot, and this one was actually of a decent size! Yum.


The peppers are doing pretty well – first baby serrano!

baby serrano!

And check out the crazy flower clusters on this guy:


Knitting: I finally finished up a pair of socks that’s been riding around in my purse for at least six months. They’re Malabrigo sock, which I know, KNOW isn’t good for socks but they’re so nice anyway.

malabrigo socks

The colour is a really pretty stormy blue-grey – I’d love to knit a sweater in this colour. Pattern is my own, top down with tubular cast on, 68 stitches on 2mm.

And since we’re headed to Vancouver in a week, I need to think about what knitting to bring!

travel knitting considerations

I did eliminate that yellow madtosh from consideration, because although beautiful, I don’t want to take worsted weight on a trip. I’m thinking a shawl, a fingering weight sweater, and maybe a pair of socks to work on.

Oh, and I did I say bread? This loaf came out great.

delicious bread