Some February Colour

Getting back to a longstanding crochet project.

back at it

Prepping these skeins of handspun for sale! I’ll let you know when they go up.

basket o' goodies

Spun: A Heap of Merino

I finally, finally finished spinning and plying ALL of this red merino that I’ve had for years. I definitely bought it at Rhinebeck, but I couldn’t say what year – maybe 2007 or 2008?

Before washing:

so much red handspun!


so much red handspun!

Man that’s a lot of one yarn.

so much red handspun!


so much red handspun!

Closeup. Sorry for the weird lighting in some of these – this one is the closest to true:

so much red handspun!

The stats:
100% merino, bought at Rhinebeck (pretty sure it’s Ashland Bay)
3 ply, DKish weight
750g / 26.5 oz
1885 yards.

1885 yards!

Now I just need to plan the perfect sweater for it. Or maybe a blanket?