winter white

Twitter tells me “winter white” is creamier and warmer than “regular” (bright) white. Google tells me that winter white is just wearing white in the winter, bucking the old admonishment not to wear white after Labour Day. Also, that it’s a type of hamster.

The first two apply pretty well to the Soliton Cowl I just cast on, I think! (Not so much with the hamster.)

Soliton cowl

The Malabrigo Twist I used for the original is pretty chunky. This merino is on the thinner side of worsted though, so I’m holding 2 strands together. I think I cast on a few extra stitches too – you can do the pattern over any number of stitches, which makes it very easy to customize. I’m doing 131 stitches, and upped the needle size to 6.5mm (US 10.5). I have so many projects on the needles right now I had to break out my old Denise set for this one! It’s a gift, and I think (hope) the recipient will like and wear it.

merino from the spinning mill

I bought this 8oz skein at Rhinebeck at least 3 years ago (or so) from The Spinning Mill – they don’t seem to have an online presence, though they’re still listed on the Rhinebeck website as a vendor. It’s really lovely yarn, just nicely spun, smooth, and with good twist. It was a steal at $18 for 500 yards! Next Rhinebeck I’ll have to make a point of checking them out again.

snowflake sleeve

I waffled about it for awhile, but finally decided to do some colourwork on my holiday sweater in order to use the yarn I have!

Ohhhhh yeah.

I guess it’s been awhile since I did any stranded knitting, and I LOVE it! There are Norwegian stars on each of the sleeves.

For the body, I used a smallish motif across the waist to change colours, so the lower body is blue. The one ball of blue should make the sweater long enough, and I still have enough teal for the buttonband.

creative yarn use

I felted Dale’s clogs as well, but they’re too big! I’m not sure that I can shrink them any further, so that might need some creative problem solving too. I’ve got an idea…

go, go, go, wait

done the yoke

My teal cardigan is past the yoke split! I love that part. I’m nearly through 2 of the 3 skeins of the teal that I have, so now I need to decide what to do – I have a skein of a blue and one of a sandy grey, which I want to incorporate somehow. Stripes with the blue, maybe. Or some kind of lace pattern that uses 2 colours?


I finished the yoke of D’s cardigan, but now I have to wait for more yarn! I hope the new yarn matches, but since it’ll be for the buttonband and shawl collar, it should be ok if it’s slightly different.

ginormous clogs

I finished a pair of clogs! Super quick and satisfying (though the large needles did irritate my arm somewhat). They’re hilariously large, of course! Now to get them felted. I actually have a pile of woollens that need washing and blocking, I should really get on that.

Colette Zinnia pleats

For a change of pace from knitting, I started a Colette Zinnia skirt yesterday. I got through the printing out, taping (which I do kind of love, it’s like a very easy puzzle), cutting, and pleats yesterday. And yes, I’m sewing it by hand! I’m making version 2, the shorter one with pleats and pockets, but omitting belt loops.

Turns out I didn’t have any brown thread though, so I’m using blue for the visible stitching and dark grey where I want the stitches to be less visible, like inside the pockets. I’m using a chocolate brown flannel, and it’s soooo soft. I do think it’ll be a bit ‘sticky’ to wear with say, leggings, but should be ok with slippery tights or leggings and a slip. I actually did want to do a lining, but I don’t have any suitable fabric. Maybe next time!