Month: September 2013

  • tomatoes, quilts, sweaters

    There are 5 days left in September. Whaaaaat? The garden is winding down. There’s still some greenery, and I need to harvest the herbs. I think the dill went to seed though. The tomato plants aren’t looking very good so we harvested all the green tomatoes. Some will ripen, some will be pickles, some will […]

  • Wednesday socks

    I’ve had these socks on the needles forever – they mostly lived in my purse and I worked rounds here and there on the subway, waiting at the doctor’s, waiting around anywhere really. There wasn’t much incentive to finish them over the summer, but this week I was close enough to the end that not […]

  • keep swimming

    I’ve been laying pretty low this summer, but I’ve got lots of plans for the week and so much on my to do list! It seems like fall is my time to come out of hiding. I’ll be at the Downtown Knit Collective’s meeting this Wednesday, September 18, for the Twist Collective fashion show! The […]