tomatoes, quilts, sweaters

There are 5 days left in September. Whaaaaat?

The garden is winding down. There’s still some greenery, and I need to harvest the herbs. I think the dill went to seed though.


The tomato plants aren’t looking very good so we harvested all the green tomatoes. Some will ripen, some will be pickles, some will be fried. There are a lot!

dying plants

harvested tomatoes

I’m super close to finishing the hand quilting on my giant star – that’s the bottom edge right there! I’m still planning to put in just a few long vertical quilting lines, so it’s not quite done yet. What colour binding shall I do? The back is a dark blue-grey chambray, so I was thinking maybe a navy binding. Or purple. Or red. I’m open to suggestions!


I started a new worsted weight sweater with this yummy pink organic merino from Phoe. It’s Fleece Artist, so it’s kinda funny that it went from Nova Scotia to England and then back here to Ontario. I’ve ripped this sleeve twice already, so I’m hoping the third time’s the charm. It might even be a Rhinebeck sweater.


Speaking of Rhinebeck, have you seen Ysolda’s The Rhinebeck Sweater book? It’s full of people and sweaters I love, in a setting I adore! I really missed attending last year, and I’m really excited about this one.

In case my pink Rhinebeck sweater doesn’t work out, I do have a pile of other new sweaters to wear – my next collection! It’s a small one, with 3 sweaters and 2 accessories. I’m really happy with how they all came out, and the yarns from Lorna’s Laces are heavenly! The patterns should be available in October – before Rhinebeck.

sneak peek!

Wednesday socks

I’ve had these socks on the needles forever – they mostly lived in my purse and I worked rounds here and there on the subway, waiting at the doctor’s, waiting around anywhere really. There wasn’t much incentive to finish them over the summer, but this week I was close enough to the end that not finishing them seemed silly!

chocolate cherry socks

chocolate cherry socks

chocolate cherry socks

A bit big on me, but that’s because they’re for the boyfriend! 68 stitches on 2mm (US 0) needles, 1×1 and 3×1 ribbed cuff and leg, standard top-down heel flap. The yarn was a gift years ago, so I’m glad I finally used it – it’s Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in Chocolate Cherry, mm!

time for a new iphone case design!

My cross-stitched phone case has been looking pretty darn raggedy lately – the threads at the sides were just complete gone! So I spent some time yesterday clipping out the remaining threads. I used a lace weight silk/merino last time, which really wasn’t very durable. This time I’m using some proper embroidery thread, leftover from my Winterwoods sampler kit. I haven’t decided on a particular design, though I have some ideas – we’ll see where it goes.

Tonight (Wednesday the 18th) I’ll be at the Downtown Knit Collective for the Twist Collective fashion show, along with other fantastic Twist designers and LOTS of knitwear. It’s at Innis Town Hall at University of Toronto at 7:30 and everyone is welcome – you don’t have to be a member. Come check it out!

keep swimming

I’ve been laying pretty low this summer, but I’ve got lots of plans for the week and so much on my to do list! It seems like fall is my time to come out of hiding. I’ll be at the Downtown Knit Collective’s meeting this Wednesday, September 18, for the Twist Collective fashion show! The 5th anniversary issue garments will be there and it’ll be hosted by the awesome Fiona Ellis, so you know it’ll be a good time.

I was trying to sort through my stash, which resulted in a LOT of yarn all over the living room and not much “sorting”. But I did dig up these crochet squares (edited to add: they’re Wool Eater/Bavarian crochet) that I’d like to get back to. I’m doing a final round in a silvery-grey sock yarn before attaching them together.

back to the crochet

back to the crochet

Last sweater for my fall mini collection is off the needles, now – Lorna’s Laces Haymarket.


Finally, how about a finished sweater that isn’t for me?! Dale’s sweater has finally been worn thanks to the falling temperatures, and I snapped a couple photos.

Dale's sweater

Dale's sweater

It’s Quince & Co Chickadee, which is a dream to knit with! I must order more. The sweater is just a really plain bottom-up raglan with a bit of a neck detail. The ribbed neckband is folded over and sewn down inside for a nice round finish to the collar. The neck could be a bit lower in the front, but eh, I’ve moved on. And he loves it, of course! Now I just need one for me.