Month: April 2013

  • random tuesday

    Seedlings are happening! After last year’s critter carnage in my container garden, I’m trying to plan for ways to protect everything once it’s out on the balcony . Need to buy more chicken wire. Unfortunately it’s not pretty, but I’ll take functional if it prevents everything from being eaten by squirrels! Various heirloom tomato seedlings […]

  • Leonarda Shawl

    Spring showers are in full force here in Toronto today, so I’m bringing in a little brightness with my new shawl pattern, Leonarda! Leonarda is an elegant and fun accessory featuring Elongated Garter Stitch and an unusual drop-stitch twist pattern. Perfect for wrapping around your neck or over your shoulders – and for knitting up […]

  • a Winona for me

    My Winona! For my version, I used stash yarn that I’ve had for a few years – Sliver Moon Farm fingering weight merino, which is super squishy and bouncy. I used less than 4 skeins in a lovely grey blue. I knit the size 36.5″, which fits me well in the shoulders with a bit […]