Month: March 2013

  • Levina Pullover

    Levina is a comfortable and feminine pullover, worked in a peekaboo all-over lace pattern. Ostrich Plumes lace is easy to work and knits up in a jiffy on larger needles. The gorgeous yarn is Jill Draper’s superwash merino, which is smooth, soft, and a joy to knit with (the colour is awesome too!). Levina is […]

  • a gloomy monday

    Looks like my almost non-stop vacation knitting ended up throwing off my game – my elbows are sore. I know enough to stop when my body gives me that hint, though I really really want to be knitting right now! Still, it’s best not to push too hard, since I don’t have any hard deadlines […]

  • it’s a monday

    First of all, thanks for the awesome reception of my new patterns, Tiverton and Innisfil!. I’m really happy to be self-publishing again, and I’ve even got a couple more things nearly ready to go. It might be March but there’s still a lot of snow and ice on the ground here. I can alllllmost feel […]