been crochetin’

I’ve been home sick all this week, and I think I’m finally feeling better. Still a ways to go though. I spent a few days pretty much doing nothing, but now I have some energy back so I’ve been crocheting.

been crochetin'

Piles of these circles for the innards of a bunch of hexagons, following this tutorial. It’s very easy, and they’re really quick. I’m working with a bunch of random skeins of Cascade 220 and a 4.25mm crochet hook (G). I’ve made 32 so far in about 3 days. I’ll do the last round of all of them in the same colour and join them as I go, once I have them all. I think I might aim for 100.

been crochetin'

been crochetin'

I guess I’m pretty bad at taking it easy, because this week I’ve also started laying out 5 new sweater patterns, and swatching for some new designs. Double-stranded Handmaiden Casbah!

and swatchin'

Watching: CW’s Nikita – it’s filmed here in Toronto, and it’s pretty fun picking out locations! Good butt-kicking fun.

Reading: Cryponomicon by Neil Stephenson. It’s going to take awhile.

Eating: not much, sadly. But congee is a good, plain, comforting food. It’s just 1 cup of rice (I used short-grain, like sushi rice), 8 cups of water, simmered together for an hour or two with some salt until it’s like a porridge. Serve with sesame seeds and soy sauce/tamari, and whatever mix-ins you like – I usually do some sauteed tofu and peas, but I’m just eating it plain right now.

black, grey, stripes

Just bound off this plain black shawl – just a top-down triangle in stockinette, with a seed stitch border. Needs a good blocking to open up, but doesn’t it look so cozy? It’s some cashmere that I bought a few Rhinebecks ago (too bad black is so hard to photograph).


Also in hard to photograph things, black and grey ombre stripe socks with some Lana Grossa sock yarn. Also very plain, but meditative.

black and grey

On the other end of the coloury spectrum, some super bright handspun!


This is 100g, 210 yds or so of 3-ply (so, a worsted weight). The fiber is BFL from Into the Whirled, and it was awesome to spin. It isn’t that apparent from the hank, but this yarn should be pretty stripey.


What else have I been up to?
Watching: Continuum. I really liked it and wish there was more already!
Reading: The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
Eating: peach crisp, corn chowder, tomatoes

august things

So. It’s September. I’ve been out of school for awhile now, but that ‘new year, new stuff’ feeling just lasts forever, doesn’t it? I spent the last bit of August working hard on the sweaters for the next Afternoon Tea photoshoot (which is very soon!), vacationing, eating, and generally lounging.

I have some spinning to do (fiber from Into the Whirled).

into the whirled

into the whirled

Knitting away – Indigodragonfly MCN Worsted in “Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer”, an awesome deep, hot pink! I’m really excited to share this sweater pattern with you soon.

deadline knitting

Boyfriend and I went to Halifax for vacation in the middle of August – no, we don’t have any family there, which seems to be the first thing people ask us! Nope, we just kind of chose a nice Canadian city that seemed like it would be relaxing. We saw everything, took lots of naps and looked at the water. I shot pretty much exclusively on film, despite taking my DSLR, and since I haven’t gotten the film developed yet I just have a few iphone shots to share for now.

public gardens

yarn shop!

seaport market, halifax

A funny story about Seaport Market, above – we went on Saturday for the farmer’s market, and then again on Tuesday because we were in the area and needed something to eat. There were two HUGE cruise ships docked there! One was a Saw-themed cruise (yes, the horror movie) and the other was Disney.