silk, silk, everywhere

I finally, finally (after ripping and reknitting several times) finished the little shrug I was working on before TNNA, out of Sweetgeorgia Merino Silk DK. The yarn stood up surprisingly well to the ripping, not a pill anywhere!

pretty but big

Unfortunately it’s too big for me. I made a bit of a math error and although it’s proportional and everything, it’s just about a size too big. I’ve blocked it and woven in the ends already (denying to myself the fact that it was too big) and I don’t want to rip again. So it’ll go off to a friend and I’ll work up another one. At least this time it’ll be even faster since it’ll be smaller?

In latest spinning news, I pulled out some tussah silk that I’d started spinning well over a year ago.

tussah silk

It’s Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, definitely purchased at Rhinebeck – maybe the first time I went? I had spun up the first half of the fibre and it was just sitting on the bobbin all this time. I spun up the second half fairly quickly (not very evenly, really) and plied it together to get 430 yards of laceweight (2oz). Should be enough for a little shawlette! I love the colour.

I think my last bit of Tour spinning will be this silk/camel. It spins like a dream, but the pink comes off on my fingertips a bit. Super soft though! I’m planning to spin up the whole 4oz and chain ply by the end of the week.


After the Tour is over, I’m definitely going to keep spinning – it’s really given me that kick to get back to the wheel. It’s meditative, doesn’t require math (like my knitting always does) and it’s a good break from working on my knitting like I always am!

Have you achieved your Tour de Fleece goals? What are you planning to do with your spinning after it’s all over?


I’ve been doing lots of both!


This is the cormo/silk I was working on this week – it’s a blend of 95% cormo wool, 5% silk that I got at Rhinebeck awhile back. The roving was quite narrow, almost like a pin-drafted roving, which was lots of fun to spin.

Unfortunately, being such a fine wool, cormo is tricky to prep. This roving was pretty neppy – neps are little sort of ‘blobs’ of fibre that get tangled up when the wool is processed. They made spinning this fibre evenly pretty challenging, and the resulting yarn looks pretty rustic. Good thing it’s still super duper soft and squishy! I got 352 yards of sportweight 2-ply out of the 4 oz of fibre.

laceweight singles

This wasn’t spun during the Tour, but I thought I’d just stick it up here anyway – some laceweight singles from a colour shifting batt. They’ve been sitting on the bobbin waiting for plying, but I decided to just wind them off. 430 yards.

I’m really fired up again about spinning! Last night after I wound off the cormo/silk I wanted to keep going but I really had knitting to do. I’ve been rooting through my spinning bin digging up interesting fibre to spin, and there’s bags of stuff sitting around my studio. I hope that after the Tour is over I still have this energy for spinning – it’s fun!

tour de fleece! day 5

I’ve been spinning!

crazy colours

Okay, so these two skeins were spun up ages ago. Months ago. But I only just wound them off the bobbin, so here’s the photo! These from from a Blue Moon Sheep 2 Shoe kit that I got at *last* year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool. Crazy colours. Superwash merino, chain plied into a DK/sport ish yarn. There should be plenty of yardage, though I haven’t actually counted.

TdF day five

And what I’ve done since starting the Tour on the 3rd. The silver merino/silk singles were already done (8oz of Ashland Bay stuff) so I plied those up into a couple of big skeins. On the right is a big skein, about 100g and 300 yards, of cranberry Ashland Bay merino.

I don’t have a lot of goals for this Tour, but the main one is to spin every day. So far I’ve done it, although last night I only did 5 minutes at 11:55! I’m also teaching a wheel spinning class this month so I guess I’m in more of a spinning mood. I’m also trying to vary my technique a bit – as with a lot of spinners, I get stuck in a rut and produce a “default” yarn style and weight.

I’ve currently got some cormo/silk on the wheel, and it’s a bit challenging because it’s a woollen prep that’s a little bit neppy. So it doesn’t really want to spin up into my usual smooth type of yarn. I’m trying to go with it and spin it a bit thicker and with lots of air and more thick-and-thin than I usually do.

Of course the other reason I’m doing the Tour de Fleece is so I can spin down the stash a little before Rhinebeck! Just three months away and I already can’t wait.