one week left

So, let’s see the state of things –

Lego man has a head and torso!

lego man!

The torso wasn’t actually done in this photo (see how the bottom edge is curling up) but it is now, sockets and all. And I’ve knitted up the first piece of the legs.

elf shoes

Elf shoes are done and felted, but too big. Blame my lack of firsthand knowledge of baby sizes. I miiiiight make another pair, smaller, but we’ll see.

gentleman's sock

One gentleman’s sock is done, but I’m not sure when the second one will be. It’s not super pressing.

french press slippers

And then there’s the French Press slippers. Sigh. I decided to axe one pair from my list, so there was just these 2 pairs. Done the knitting and all that. Then came the felting…and felting…and felting.

Four cycles later (top loading machine, no agitator, with towels) the red pair is felted enough, but too small. The blue pair is felted enough (although the seam areas have kind of a crease) and might fit another person, but not the recipient. They’re both too shallow on the sides and don’t look like the other finished photos at all!

I’m disappointed and discouraged with felting (I haven’t had much luck with it in general). And now I have to figure out other presents. Maybe there’s still time to do some clogs instead, those have turned out well in the past!

P.S. Pavlov’s Dogs (my handbell group) is playing the Rivoli Christmas Show tonight and tomorrow! More info here if you’re in Toronto. I know Rotate This still has tickets!

drive by


Crap. I could’ve sworn I’d taken some more photos of knitting…alas, iPhoto tells me otherwise. So just a quick check in on the holiday knitting!

Some Assembly Required – um, lots of assembly still required. The head and arms are done (one hand needs to be sewn into the arm still). Tonight while watching the last 3 episodes of Dexter I knit up the main part of the torso, but there’s still quite a bit to be done! (Also, wow, that was quite an ending.)

French Press slippers – two pairs down, one to go! But I’ll have to wait on the last pair until Wednesday, because I neglected to get two balls of yarn in the last colour. Also, I need to find buttons for all these.

Elf Shoes! I decided to knit up a pair for my little toddler cousin. Now there’s a fast project! The pair of actual boots are done, but I still need to knit up the edging. So much felting this year. And there’s still various socks to knit and things to buy. I’m probably forgetting something!

P.S. For those waiting for news of that red cabled cardigan – it’s done, it’s been worn lots and I love it. But the light hasn’t been so much forthcoming lately so photos have been difficult. The pattern needs a lot of attention too. As soon as all this gift knitting is done! I swear I said I wouldn’t get sucked in, but here we are.

two weeks

Um, yikes. Time’s going by rather alarmingly quickly, isn’t it?

finally off the loom

This scarf has been on my rigid heddle loom (Ashford 24″) for months and months, since before I moved! It was even still in its plastic garbage bag under my desk until I decided this week that it was high time to finish it. And of course once I picked it up again, I was finished in 2 hours!

That led to warping the loom up again, and right now I have 2 scarves have their soak. The loom is empty just now, but I might even warp it up again tonight.

ready for the wash

A knit I’m really excited by, but was putting off because it’s fiddly – Some Assembly Required. Personally I’m not really one for knitting very fiddly things, especially small fiddly things (I’m pretty game for complicated sweaters and things). Toys are pretty challenging for me just because there’s so much finishing and fiddling compared to the actual knitting! Give me a big swatch of stockinette any day.

That said, this is a pretty fun knit so far. I’ve only done the head, but I’m hoping to make a good dent in the torso-knitting this afternoon.


Oh, and just in case someone out there needs a yummy recipe to bring to one of those numerous parties this time of year?

twix-alike bars

Twix-alike bars! So good. The only changes I made were to add some sea salt to the caramel (probably about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp) and to cut the squares much, much smaller. Nom.