Month: December 2009

  • one week left

    So, let’s see the state of things – Lego man has a head and torso! The torso wasn’t actually done in this photo (see how the bottom edge is curling up) but it is now, sockets and all. And I’ve knitted up the first piece of the legs. Elf shoes are done and felted, but […]

  • drive by

    Crap. I could’ve sworn I’d taken some more photos of knitting…alas, iPhoto tells me otherwise. So just a quick check in on the holiday knitting! Some Assembly Required – um, lots of assembly still required. The head and arms are done (one hand needs to be sewn into the arm still). Tonight while watching the […]

  • two weeks

    Um, yikes. Time’s going by rather alarmingly quickly, isn’t it? This scarf has been on my rigid heddle loom (Ashford 24″) for months and months, since before I moved! It was even still in its plastic garbage bag under my desk until I decided this week that it was high time to finish it. And […]