I got back from Boston and Rhinebeck today (which was a blast by the way).

I’m usually good about new stuff and reciepts and all that, but I got caught with undeclared stuff after a thorough search. I had to deal with a jerk of a customs officer and now I’m on a blacklist where I’ll be searched coming into the country for the next 7 years (or maybe more).

Don’t do what I did.

I’m gonna go have a drink.

come see me at Rhinebeck!

I’ve had an awesome time in Boston and have taken hardly any photos! Now I’m having a crazy awesome time pre-Rhinebeck with loads of fun people, interesting beer and yummy food.

Just dropping in to say, if you’re coming to Rhinebeck this weekend come and see me at the Author’s signing being put on by Merritt Books in Building B! I’ll be there with books to buy on Sunday from 1-3pm. Come say hi!

on the road again

Well, okay, technically I’m taking a plane, but still! Today I’m off to Boston for a week of fun and shopping before Rhinebeck next weekend. And guess what?


Yeah, I started another Rhinebeck sweater. This Rhinebeck thing is a great motivator!

Last March or so I knit a top-down, circular yoked sweatercoat out of double stranded Cascade 220. I’ve been wearing it all the time, but it has 3/4 sleeves – it’s actually been a bit chilly here, so I decided it was high time for something with full length sleeves. And for once, the chunkiness of the yarn was actually appealing.

striping at the bottom

I used Debbie Bliss donegal chunky tweed – not the softest ever (not as soft as the Cascade) but not bad. I only had 8 skeins of the dark brown, plus 2 blue, so I incorporated the blue into the bottom of the sleeves and body. I finished the second sleeve last night under the wire, so now I just have to sew on the buttons! I washed and blocked everything but that second sleeve at my parents’ house on Thursday, since I could use their washing machine to spin it out. Sigh, I miss on-demand laundry.

I hear Boston’s a bit warmer than here, so maybe I’ll get away with just the sweater for most days there. I know Rhinebeck is pretty chilly in the evenings, so a coat might be necessary too.

Oh, and I’m doing a book signing at Rhinebeck! On Sunday in the author’s tent, from 1-3pm (I think?). I’ll have all the sample socks from the book and I’ll just be hanging out, so come by and see me!

Gotta go. The plane awaits!