Month: October 2009

  • we interrupt…

    …your regularly scheduled Rhinebeck yarn post for an important announcement. Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Make them NOW. Go to the store for ingredients if you must – they are orange and black after all, perfect for that Hallowe’en party later this week (if they make it to then). My very slight mods to the […]

  • my 2009 Rhinebeck recap

    Rhinebeck was so much fun this year – really, it can’t ever *not* be fun. It just gets better and better every year! We got to the fairgrounds around 9:30 on Saturday and managed to shop a wee bit before heading to the Rav meetup. I found a basket backpack and some Cormo in Building […]

  • hi!

    Hey there. The good news is that apart from that last incident (which I’ve mostly gotten over but still feel extremely stupid about sometimes), my trip to Boston and Rhinebeck was awesome. The bad news is that I didn’t take any photos. Seriously, at all – I took like 2 photos of Boston, and 2 […]