we interrupt…

…your regularly scheduled Rhinebeck yarn post for an important announcement.


Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Make them NOW. Go to the store for ingredients if you must – they are orange and black after all, perfect for that Hallowe’en party later this week (if they make it to then).

best. cookies. ever.

My very slight mods to the recipe: I used 1/2 brown, 1/2 white sugar, upped the chocolate chips a touch (to use up the rest of the bag), mixed by hand, and used heaping tablespoons rather than 1/4 cup portions for each cookie. I got 30 cookies…but there aren’t that many now!

A sneak peek at the yarn? Sure.

my purple period

Clearly I’m in a purple period!

my 2009 Rhinebeck recap

Rhinebeck was so much fun this year – really, it can’t ever *not* be fun. It just gets better and better every year!

We got to the fairgrounds around 9:30 on Saturday and managed to shop a wee bit before heading to the Rav meetup. I found a basket backpack and some Cormo in Building A.

As you can see, I was somewhat unprepared for the cold weather even though I knew about it, so I borrowed Ysolda’s Snapdragon Tam and the Snapdragon mitts as well. I think the colour actually kinda works on me – I’m always hesitant about yellows, but this one’s nice and golden.

The Saturday meetup was awesome – I loved seeing everyone’s reactions to Bobsolda! And I got to see Bonnie with her gorgeous teal Sagano shawl, which she test knit for me.

After the meetup we headed out to the Elks Lodge to set up for the party. I manned the button table, which was great since I got to say hi to everyone coming in!

The party was a blast as usual, cupcakes were had and nibbles eaten. Sunday was way more low-key – after the meetup I went off to find my Got Soap and headed to my book signing in Building B – lots of great books and authors there! Afterwards we all met up again, did some shopping, and headed back to the (amazing) house for dinner. Can you believe we could all eat dinner at the same table at once? That was a huge kitchen.

I had such a nice time, I can hardly wait for next year. Next up, the yarn!


Hey there.

The good news is that apart from that last incident (which I’ve mostly gotten over but still feel extremely stupid about sometimes), my trip to Boston and Rhinebeck was awesome.

The bad news is that I didn’t take any photos. Seriously, at all – I took like 2 photos of Boston, and 2 photos of the kitchen at the Rhinebeck house. Hmmm. Makes writing an interesting blog post kind of difficult!

Boston – lots of fun in the city with Vig, a longtime friend. He’s at MIT for a master’s program and hasn’t done that much of the historical/touristy stuff, so we did a bunch of that. Checked out Harvard Square (awesome bookstore!), ate panini subs and too many cannoli in the North End, and even managed to stumble upon the beginning of the Columbus Day parade while wandering around looking for a place to eat! We also walked most of the Freedom Trail, sat in the park, and walked back to the T through Beacon Hill, which was gorgeous.

mass ave bridge

Monday the 12th was Boston’s “Opening our doors” day, so we went to see the Mapparium and Isabella Gardner museum for free – both highly recommended! We walked all around that day and I took the photo above walking across the Mass Ave bridge. Pretty view!

Tuesday Ysolda arrived in town, so we went for pizza at Regina’s in the North End and more cannoli from Modern Pastry. They fill the cannoli to order, yummmmm. The rest of the week was sort of a blur of shopping for Bob parts, eating, more shopping, and just hanging out. Wanna see a behind-the-scenes of the now famous Bobsolda?



Rhinebeck recap in the next post! That gives me time to try and take photos of the yarn I bought, hmmmm.