Month: January 2009

  • Days 1-4: Travel and Tokyo

    Hello from China! Well, I’ve been in Beijing for a day after a week in Japan and another couple days in Shanghai, but if I don’t start blogging now I might never catch up. So, a brief bit about our trip to Tokyo! I’ve got to write fast because we really need to get to […]

  • top-down shoulder warmer

    It’s been busy around here, trying to get everything ready and organized for the trip – getting together everything we need, preparing to leave for a goodly amount of time, and of course, deciding on knitting! I *think* I finally know what I’m going to take, but I’m still second guessing myself. Well, more on […]

  • is this what I get for trying to rush?

    So. My new Lucy was coming right along – got up to the yoke on the weekend. Pretty! The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade, and I did a slightly lengthened version with just 4 skeins! Motoring along, wanted to get it done early this week so I could give it a […]