Month: November 2008

  • what’s that yarn?

    Sorry to keep you guys in suspense! I really thought I’d written that I’m using my handspun for the top-down cardigan from my last post – I dyed it as well. It’s a two ply merino, and I’m just hoping to have enough for a sort of croppedish cardi with maybe half or three-quarter length […]

  • whoa, time warp

    How is it Sunday already? I swear it was just Wednesday. Despite a touch of ambivalence towards some of my projects, I’ve been fibre-ing up a storm around these parts. Knitting a top-down raglan cardigan along with my sweater class students: It might be a Christmas present, we shall see (I’m sorely behind on that, […]

  • perimeter skirt

    Thanks to everyone who donated for the poppy pattern – I got about $40, so with my own donation I’m sending in a cheque to the Legion for $50. Poppies aren’t supposed to be worn after the 11th (they’re supposed to be placed on the memorial) but keep yours for next year or make some […]