Month: September 2008

  • la bonne paris

    Paris rocks. Monday morning rather bright and early, we lugged all our stuff onto the Underground in London, having found a close-by tube station that was on the same line as King’s Cross (technically, St. Pancras since we were travelling internationally) – much better than the changing we had to do to get everywhere earlier! […]

  • catching up – iknit!

    Well, where have the last couple days gone? It’s been sort of a blur of trains, knitters, more trains, and Paris (more on that a little later). Saturday morning we moved house from where were staying in Twickenham to another house-sitting gig in White City – much more central (as in, on the tube’s Central […]

  • twickenham adventures

    Thursday morning we left Edinburgh early and took a taxi to the train. Unfortunately the photos of that train are on my other camera and I can’t really be arsed to get them off! The ride was a bit long, but pretty easy, I suppose. I took a nap for a long while to get […]