a small update

I’ve added a few more scarves to my Etsy shop!

Golden Road scarf

I’ll be back shortly with tales of…the greatest dress I have ever sewn. (How’s that for suspense?)

oops, again

It looks like what I thought would happen when I uploaded the correct B-Side pattern to Ravlery, didn’t! So I’m emailing everyone who purchased the pattern through Ravelry the newest version. I’ll also add a note to the pattern page to make sure everyone knows that the pattern was updated.

Sorry for all the confusion! Everyone should receive an email to their Paypal addresses with the updated pattern; if you don’t receive it within 24 hours please contact me.

weaving and growing

Still not much knitting going on around here, I’m afraid! I’ve been weaving up a storm for the Etsy shop, including this scarf out of Dream in Color Smooshy in “Gothic Rose” with a teeny stripe of Fleece Artist Silken in the warp.

smooshy and silk

Hopefully I’ll have a few more scarves up by the end of the week – I’m currently working on one in Sea Silk. Yum!

Here ends the fibre talk, now it’s onto the gardening – I spent a good amount of time this weekend working on my garden at home. No allotment garden this year, I’m just making do with space in my (rather large, really) yard at home. Saturday I dug out a LOT of overgrown raspberry bush to make room for my squash plants.


Right up to the bricks was raspberry bush; I took out way more on the other side! I know I’ll have to keep on top of the raspberries invading back into the space, but I tried my best to dig up as many roots as I could (those suckers are crazy pervasive). The plant on the left is a slicing cucumber plant; I’ve never grown cucumbers before! I’m going to (hopefully) get it to grow up and around the deck stairs bannister and railing, just to the left of the photo. The other mounds there are different types of summer squash – “Black Beauty” (normal green), “Flying Saucer” (a scallop-type squash) and “Cocozelle” (striped green). I’ve also planted “Eight Ball” (green and round) and “Sunburst” (another scallop).

The Sunburst I planted in a container, and the seedlings just popped up in the hot weather!

sunburst squash

And because it’s getting late and I’m trying to get to bed earlier these days (yeah, right), some concluding photos of my container deck garden. I’ve planted two varieties of bush beans, lots of basil, some tomatoes (in old recycling bins! yay repurposing), spinach and parsley. The rest of the tomatoes will go in the ground, along with the aforementioned squashes and some other stuff already planted (peas, coriander, green onions). More info if you click on through to my Flickr!

pots and pots

more pots

I’m getting excited about this year’s garden – lots more varieties of tomatoes, and lots of squash – I really don’t think I can ever get enough zucchini (also my family is five people, so we can eat a lot of it).

Now if it would stop raining for long enough so that I can get the rest of the tomatoes in the ground!