Month: June 2008

  • strawberry season

    Friday I went strawberry picking with Dr. Steph and Denny and their kids, and it was so much fun! We went to Reesor Farm, not far at all, and pick your own sure is pretty cheap! We picked for about an hour, and I came away with 5kg (11 lbs.) for my very own. (Denny […]

  • I hate doing this, but…

    Well, shit. There’s another problem with the B-Side pattern, concerning the placement of the cable on the left front (obviously important, no?). It works out fine numbers-wise, but in some of the sizes the underarm decreases eat into the side of the cable pattern, which was not my intention. So I’ve re-jiggered the numbers for […]

  • why I like my new camera

    It takes the pretty pictures. (Okay, I’ll give myself a leeetle credit. But man, that camera and lens really give me what I want!) Coming soon….