strawberry season

Friday I went strawberry picking with Dr. Steph and Denny and their kids, and it was so much fun! We went to Reesor Farm, not far at all, and pick your own sure is pretty cheap! We picked for about an hour, and I came away with 5kg (11 lbs.) for my very own. (Denny and her son had about the same as me, Dr. Steph and her two kids picked 9 kg! Whoa.)

one bowlful

Yum. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new camera?

With my family away on vacation and me on my own, there’s just no way I could eat them all myself. I wasn’t planning to, anyway. So once I got home, I got busy right away putting up the fruit.

I washed, hulled, and froze 2 baking sheets’ full (then put them in freezer bags the next day; it’s so they don’t freeze in a big clump):

"little soldiers" (picknik)

I made “fridge jam” (as opposed to freezer jam, because I just stuck it in the fridge) – just fruit, sugar, and lemon juice, macerated for awhile then cooked down in a pot. An intermediate step on the road to jam tarts!

fridge jam

Then the next day, I made strawberry ice cream! In my old-school hand crank machine. I used this recipe, which uses eggs but is uncooked. It’s yummy! I don’t think I have a photo of a bowl of it, but I’ll try to remember later when I’m eating it! (We’ll see how that goes!)

mmm, ice cream.

And yes, there has indeed been some knitting around here parts. I had a bit of the knitting ennui there for awhile, but I think I’m back on track! Finishing up some old projects, starting some new ones. An older one that’s almost done, the cashmere sweater:

hem-y goodness

Just in time for the sweltering weather, eh? Well, that’s kind of how the knitting goes. I am planning on writing up my notes on how I converted the Unwrapped pattern to a cardigan and the other details – I don’t feel comfortable writing up the whole pattern since I used Jody’s yoke, but I’ll write up a little bit on how to make your own. The sweater just needs some type of closure, and a good blocking. Maybe clasps, maybe not.

Oh, and the handwoven scarves in my Etsy shop are now on sale – each is just $85. I’ve got more in the works, but just need to clear some stuff outta the studio!

I hate doing this, but…

Well, shit. There’s another problem with the B-Side pattern, concerning the placement of the cable on the left front (obviously important, no?). It works out fine numbers-wise, but in some of the sizes the underarm decreases eat into the side of the cable pattern, which was not my intention.

So I’ve re-jiggered the numbers for cable placement as follows:

“…work 2×2 Ribbing over 13 [13, 17, 17, 17]{21, 21, 25, 29, 29} stitches, place marker, work Row 2 of Ensign’s Braid Cable Chart over following 18 stitches (increasing to 24 stitches), place marker, work remaining 18 [22, 18, 22, 26]{26, 26, 30, 30, 38} stitches in 2×2 Ribbing.”

(If you have the pattern that should make sense.) Please note if you’ve already been knitting awawy, that the previously published numbers WILL work for all sizes (resulting in the correct number of stitches) but you may need to work the underarm decreases right at the edge (not k2 at the edge) and that the shaping may cut into the cable section.

So re-sending out it is. Unfortunately since it’s a big file (2MB) it takes a few minutes to send to each person – so it’s going to take a few hours! I would consider writing up and sending out an errata sheet only, or just a copy of the page where these numbers are changed, but then I know that people would file it separately and maybe forget to print that extra page when they go to work the pattern!

It may be several hours before the updated file reaches you – if you haven’t received the file by tomorrow, please check your junk mail filters and let me know. The file has been updated on Ravelry, but unfortunately they haven’t gotten to the feature where you can download an updated file yet!

I’m so sorry!