come and get it!

Socks that Rock is back in stock at lettuce knit! *Lots* of Socks that Rock.

Socks that Rock - lots of it!

We also got a few other Blue Moon Yarns – Silkie, Silk Thread, Geisha and Laci, all in Raven clan colours.

Socks That Rock

Call (416)203-9970, email, or come in to order! We do lots of mail order (including to the U.S.) and it’s going to go fast!

Now that I’ve gotten that out, a bit of knitting progress? I’ve been working really crazily all week, so there hasn’t been that much knitting for me. But I’ve made a good dent in the first sleeve/yoke of Choco-belle:

choco-belle sleeve

But I’m not so sure about it. It seems really wide, for one – and the pattern increases the sleeve by 12 more stitches! I left those off, planning to just add them in when I cast on for the yoke sections. But it still seems so big and bulky. I don’t know, I suppose this is going to have to have a time-out for awhile.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a jaunty snow woman that my sister and I built in the driveway (mostly to use up snow from that last big storm, and therefore less shoveling).

snow lady


Vino errata

It’s come to my attention that there is a small error in the Vino Cardigan pattern!

Under “Left Front”, the instruction says “Next row: k across to last 12 sts, (p2, k2) twice, k2.” This is incorrect. It should say:

Next row: k across to last 12 sts, (p2, k2) three times.

If anyone would like a corrected version of the pattern, please email me with the email address used to purchase the pattern, and I’ll send it right out.

Apologies for any confusion!

my computer’s new clothes

Have I mentioned how much I love my new computer? Seriously, it’s awesome. And since there’s less and less bloggable knitting around here, I thought I’d write up a little info on the laptop sleeve I sewed.

mostly-complete laptop sleeve

It’s basically just a zippered pouch, with some extra padding. I have a 13″ Macbook and used pieces of fabric with the dimensions 14.5″ x 10.5″ – I cut out a piece of cardboard to use as a pattern.

For the outside, I used a couple of Denyse Schmidt cottons, as well as a random scrap for the pocket. One side is solid with the pocket; the other side has two fabrics joined off-centre.

I like this side the best.

I really love that side! I just sewed the two pieces straight down, then trimmed to fit the cardboard cutout. I used a fairly light iron-on interfacing on the exterior layers (I couldn’t find my firmer interfacing, but it probably turned out better this way). The lining is an awesome pink silk dupioni.

laptop, snug

For the pocket, I sewed two pieces together along the long edge with RS together, so the pocket would be lined. Then I just began following the zippered pouch tutorial, there – believe me, I made a lot of mistakes! I had to rip out quite a few (like 4) seams, and that is not fun with a very fray-y silk lining. Oy.

external pocket

Anyway, I sewed the pocket inbetween the two exterior layers when they were joined, and then I just pinned the two layers of wool felt (cut to fit inside the seam allowances) to the wrong sides of both pieces of the exterior fabric (with the pin heads on the outside of the pouch!). Then I turned the whole thing right side out, sandwiching the felt between the exterior and lining. Then I sewed up the hole in the lining and also pushed in the corners of the zipper a bit.

padded case

The case is really quite padded – when empty, it’s about the same thickness as my computer! I haven’t sewn down the felt to anything, so it can sort of slide around a bit – not really ideal. But, I’m feeling kind of lazy about the whole thing now, so it’ll probably just stay the way it is. I had originally thought of sewing the felt in along the sides and bottom when attaching the exterior fabrics together, but that would make for super bulky seams (and didn’t fit in my sewing machine, anyway).

The whole way along I kept thinking “this isn’t going to work, it’s going to be too small, blah blah” but it actually worked out just perfectly!