oh no, flickr!

Well. I’ve got stuff to post, but now Flickr’s being all uptight with my photos! I upload using Flickr Uploadr, and have never had a problem till now. I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing – the photos show up in my Photostream (twice, actually, since I thought I’d try uploading them again), but when I click to go to the photo’s page, it’s a broken link. I can’t delete the photos from my photostream, either.

If you can see the photos by going to my Flickr page, I guess you’ll get a preview! I guess a proper post will have to wait until later, when I have time to figure this out. Any advice would be most appreciated!

the last piece

Lush and Lacy is nearing the end!

the last piece

That’s the right front piece, which has now been completed. All the pieces are knit, but I’ve kind of stalled out on the finishing. Sewing, weaving in ends, picking up stitches for the bands and collar…thinking about it makes me kind of tired!

Someone mentioned the last time that the pattern looks cabled – but it really only looks that way! Not a cable cross in sight, and it is indeed lacy.

see, it is lace!

The pieces are really tight at the moment, but I know they’ll loosen up a lot when the hit the water. The lace should open up a fair bit, which I’m counting on since the sweater pieces are looking mighty small!

I’m feeling rather fickle in my knitting choices these days. Can’t quite commit to any particular project. You know that nice feeling in the middle of a project, when you can just knit along, not really worrying about what’s happening next? Well, I just can’t seem to get to it! I keep considering projects and considering yarns and not really getting anywhere.

I hope it passes!

cosmicpluto – now in print!

cosmicpluto - now in print!

My Button Raglan is today’s entry in the 2008 Stitch ‘n Bitch Page-A-Day Calendar! The content of the calendar seems pretty good, although I’m not sooo hot on the format (each page is completely individual, with no way to flip through, and if you dropped/lost a page or something you’d be screwed). My first on-paper in print!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was good. I’m not such a huge Valentine’s person, but that isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it anyway! I did get a pretty awesome plant.

heart closeup