FO: seraphim shawl

A long overdue post, but you know how it goes.

seraphim shawl

Seraphim Shawl
Pattern: Seraphim Shawl from Mimknits
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Obsidian, 3 skeins
Needles: 3.75 mm Addi Lace (love ’em)

This was a great knit – fast, easy but not boring, and super useful. It looks a little crumpled in the photos because I’ve been wearing it before I had a chance to photograph it! I like wrapping my triangular shawls around my neck as a nice big scarf, and this one works really well for warmth because of the mostly stockinette section.

seraphim lace

The pattern was well written and fun – it was easy to build up steam since the first many rows were just stockinette with yo’s at the edges and in the middle. There were a heck of a lot of stitches by the end, though, and those last couple rows took forever! It was well worth it – I finished the shawl in under three weeks, I think.

seraphim, done

I think the yarn works really well with the pattern – it’s a semi solid, but there isn’t so much variation that it detracts from the simplicity of the shape and the look of the lace pattern.

All in all, a super successful knit!

treeline striped cardigan

Catch up time! I’m so busy I can hardly catch my breath…tomorrow, I am staying home the entire. day. Of course, I have piles of work to do, but I can’t wait.

treeline stripe

I started this one…I guess it would two weeks ago, now – the Friday I left for Rhinebeck, I cast on while waiting for my train at Union. This is what I had by the end of the weekend – nearly the entire lower body done.

It’s based on the treeline striped cardigan from the purl bee, but the numbers are all my own doing. And shaping, lots of shaping.

Yarn is Shelridge Farm W4, in chocolate brown (overexposed, unretouched photo), kidsilk haze in Villain, and the blue yarn from this sad sweater. Okay, I know everyone said to make it a vest, but it certainly wasn’t going to fit, plus…not really into vests. I mean, my arms kind of get colder faster.

Anyway, I haven’t actually ripped the cabled part – the blue yarn I’m using is from the sleeves, which were already ripped. I love, love, love how this is working up, and it’s been fairly quick too.

treeline stripe sleeve

One sleeve down, as well. It’s actually kind of amazing how much slower the knitting goes when you have to wrangle two yarns! I mean, it’s not like stranded colourwork where you’re wrangling, but magically it’s faster because it’s pretty. This way is pretty, but sooooo slow. Still, I’m hoping to have this one to wear soonish – I’ve been wearing the same couple sweaters over and over the last little while.

In the meantime – I worked out most of the numbers for the wrappy number in the last post, since so many of you sounded so eager for the pattern! If I can get some decent photos, the whole shebang should be ready for sale next week.

That is, if I have any time to work on it!