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I love reference books.

The way you get the whole picture, the way you can just flip a page and find an answer to a question somewhat related to what you are looking at.

It’s no different when it comes to yarn and fibre – and The Knitter’s Book of Yarn is the ultimate reference book! There’s everything you need to know about difference fibres, where they come from, what you should knit with them, and the best way to care for them.

Information about yarn structure and how best to work with various types is especially valuable, particularly to non-spinners (hence the “knitter’s book”, of course). Patterns are divided into sections based on the ply structure of the yarn called for – and the patterns are top-notch.

I love the seascape bolero (knit with singles), the baby soft cardigan (2-ply), and Adrian’s mittens (both of them!). I need a new pair of mittens soon, and the double-thick mitten pattern is calling to me!

All in all, this is a fantastic book that every knitter should own. Even if the patterns don’t strike your fancy, there’s enough information contained here to keep a knitter informed and happy. Get something new and unusual and not sure what it is – like Pygora? Well, just look it up in the Knitter’s Book of Yarn!

mmmm, speed

So awhile ago, I bought an Imogen kit, not really because I intended to knit Imogen, but just because I liked the colours. And hey, with Fleece Artist, one has to snap up the colour you like when you come across it!

Then I saw Cheryl’s Imogen in person at Rhinebeck, and thought – hey, that looks really awesome! I wound a skein and contemplated.

A week later, this is what I have:

drops jacket in progress

Technically, this photo is out of date even though I took it today – I finished that front at Drunken Knitters tonight, so I’m that much closer.

The pattern as some of you may have guessed, is not Imogen but the Drops jacket that everyone’s been making! I’ve been meaning to make it for ages, and in the meanwhile they’ve been popping up all over knitblogland.

I’m using the aran instructions and it’s going swimmingly – perfect somewhat-mindless, knit-while-talking project and it’s knitting up really fast. The fabric’s a little loose, but I’m sort of counting on it being a little on the big side, and fulling the fabric slightly to get a denser feel. I’m also going for the long sleeves, since I’ll be wearing it over a long-sleeved shirt.

Soon: book reviews, handspun, and maybe a finished sweater. Maybe.

the flip

I know it’s taken me a long time to catch up, but here we are – another Rhinebeck sweater, which I did in fact wear to Rhinebeck!


Dream in Color Wrap Cardi
Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown Wrap
Yarn: Dream in Color “Classy” (worsted) in Dusky Aurora – more purple in real life
Needles: Denise US 8?

This one’s a great sweater, but see the flip in the hem? I knew I should’ve done another ridge or two. Anyway, I’ve worn it lots already, despite the annoying flip. I’m actually thinking that I might unpick the bind off and knit another couple rows…or maybe I’ll just crochet around the bottom. That’d be easier.

The yarn is fabulous as usual, but I did experience some momentary panic when I took it out of the spin cycle of the wash (it’d just been soaking) and the sweater had grown like crazy. I knew that was probably going to happen, what being superwash and all, but it was still freaky.

dream in color wrap sweater

I put the sweater in the dryer for a few minutes before taking it out to lay flat, and it was back to normal. Unfortunately, putting it in the dryer seems to have aged the yarn somewhat – this sweater is pilling a bit more than my Vino cardigan (which, by the way, I’m going to start selling the pattern for on this here blog).

Vino didn’t grown when I washed it the last time, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it was knit in pieces and seamed up. The seams really helped stabilize everything, I think.

Anyway, I’m really happy with the fit of this sweater and it’s seeing lots of wear! I’m think that perhaps yet another Dream in Color sweater is in my future…

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