I’ve been rather sneezy today, especially tonight – autumn allergy season, I guess! I was in the garden for an hour or so this evening picking tomatoes, another fifteen pounds probably. The plants are really starting to go so I tried to pick all the tomatoes from the plants that are really on the way out (ie. crispy).

I’ve been having a bit of a project-flitting thing this week, but I did manage to finish off a long-standing sock.

one down, one to go

One plain toe-up sock in sweetgeorgia sock yarn, in “fondant”. It’s pretty wild – and the ice blue did this crazy thing on the leg, following a perfectly normal spiral on the foot –

vertical stripes

The other side of the leg is the same – so I’ve got two vertical stripes running up the sides of the leg. Let’s hope the other sock goes a little more quickly!

I’ve got another *finally* finished minor FO to share, but I’ll leave that for tomorrow – they’re entirely weather inappropriate anyway. Hey Autumn, when’s that cool weather coming? Because seriously? Thirty degrees celsius is wayyyy too hot for the first week of fall.

just add water

Ahhh, the day off. Slept in an hour or so, off to the dentist (okay, that wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t horrible, and at least it’s out of the way), then just chilling out.

I did some canning today, four one-litre jars of tomatoes – each jar holds quite a bit, so it was around 7-8 dozen tomatoes. Needed to get them off the counter! There’s still more tomatoes coming in, so I’m hoping to get another four jars at least (I have more pint jars to fill, too, but I could always do jam or something…). So far, I’ve done fifteen 500 ml jars and eight 1L jars altogether.

I also finished up the last little bit of seraphim and bound off.

seraphim, sept 21

The colour’s way off in the photos, it’s more of a smokey black with some copper and grey bits. The knitting was way fun, even though the rows were so long at the end! More on that following a good dunk and stretch.

weekend = work week

Not a lot of time to blog at the moment, since I’ve got to get off to work, but I thought I’d let you all know how the knitting’s going! Seraphim has been my obsession, of course, and I’ve gotten a lot done this week.

seraphim, sept 11

This photo was taken on Tuesday, so I’m rather far behind on my photo-documenting, but I’m much farther now! I’m more than halfway through Chart #3, then it’s the edge chart, and then I’m done! It’s shaping up to be quite big – I usually favour smaller shawls, but I just blindly followed the pattern on this one. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

And since I haven’t said anything about the garden lately, that’s going well too. The tomatoes are just everywhere, and I’ve been canning – so far I’ve done fourteen pint jars and four litre jars. I need to do the canning about once a week or so, to rotate through the tomatoes that are ripe enough and such. I’ve got two heaping baskets of tomatoes ripening on the counter (3L each) so I’m hoping they’ll be good to go on Tuesday or so. The litre jars hold a lot more each, but I can only fit four in at a time, maybe five – the four jars that I did the other day held about 8 dozen tomatoes. So maybe another batch of litre jars next time.

We also harvested and ate our very own watermelon!

our one watermelon!

It was actually ripe, and delicious! Unfortunately our plant got a bit stunted and only gave the one watermelon before dying. But it was super sweet (also super seedy). And hey, we made a watermelon by sticking a seed in the ground! Growing stuff is awesome.