Month: July 2007

  • August 1

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’ll be 23! I’ll be celebrating the night away at knit night at lettuce knit, and would be thrilled if you’d come! I probably won’t be there until about eight (since I’m going out for dinner), but it’s always a fun time down at the ol’ snb. Knitting stuff soon. […]

  • it begins

    Still low on reveal-able knitting around here, but the knitting’s coming along and will be done very shortly. In the meanwhile, more garden and a super yummy recipe! Dark green zucchini plant…(actually several plants) Crookneck squash plant… First ever zucchini! (Tofu container for scale, if you know what size that is.) We roasted these ones […]

  • here and there

    A little progress, a little progress… The crochet silky wool skirt is coming along. I crocheted two skeins worth of the front/back (they’re both the same), and now I’m starting on the back, just for some variety. It’s going much quicker the second time around. I still have to wait for the rest of my […]