June 20, 2007

I graduated! (I’m feeling a little behind on the whole blogging thing…)


(Also, please ignore my crazy eye in this and following photos.)



It was a bit surreal, but the ceremony was pretty nice and not excessively long, considering the number of graduates – around 600? Anyway, since I know everyone will ask…University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Science, double major in biology and linguistics (although that isn’t written anywhere). Yes, that’s a weird combination; no, I don’t want to do anything with it; I’m not currently looking for a grown up job. I got home from work at 9:30 tonight (having left at 9:30 this morning), I think I’m working hard enough for right now!

Anyway, the downside of the work schedule is I work, I come home, I watch House on dvd and knit (new projects! soon) and go to bed. Wake up and repeat. This saturday I’m going glasses shopping, which is mildly exciting and very much needed – also, it’s a good time to get a new pair under the parents’ insurance!

And then there’s all the non-store work (and store work not during store hours) to think about too. Writing patterns and such. Lots of stuff going on. And the garden! Can’t forget that I’m a slave to the garden, which needs to be weeded and watered constantly. Well, the watering more I suppose, since that has to be done every day and the weeding can wait till the weekend.

Anyway. Off to bed, but definitely some knitterly updates this weekend!

sun on your shoulders

garden June 12, 2007

Spent a good couple hours in the garden this afternoon, weeding, a bit under-sunscreened (I’d applied earlier then gone out to a family thing, and didn’t reapply) and although I don’t burn, I do certainly have a bit more tan on the back of my shoulders! This photo is from June 12 (Tuesday) and trust me when I say that the lettuce there on the left is way bigger now! I harvested a bunch for a big salad tonight.

Everything else seems to be coming along well, the zucchini plants are finally growing more quickly, the beans are flowering, the peas are bushy and cute, and the tomatoes are looking good too. I planted many, many tomato plants (maybe 40?) and my goal is not to have to buy zucchini or tomatoes this summer! Although, I might still if I were to see cool ones at the farmer’s market…

Growing on the needles is the lace nightie from Interweave:

silken straw

I’m using Alchemy Silken Straw (100% silk) and it’s coming out beautifully. I’m almost done, actually. It looks really, really small at the moment, but I know that since it’s silk and rather loosely knit it’s going to grow and grow once it hits water. Rather counting on it, actually. I’ll be wearing it as a layer over a cami, not as a nightie – it seems quite a bit shorter than the pattern, even though I added in an extra repeat of the lace pattern before binding off in the back.

sparkle, sparkle!

at least the back looks good...

Well, at least the back looked good. Lots of shaping with a not-too-deep v in the back. On to the front…

blue heron top


I started this top out of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic before I left for my trip, sort of hoping to be able to wear it on the boat. I was on track during my week in Austin, unfortunately, I ran out of yarn at the left armhole shaping of the front! Darn. I left the whole thing behind in Katy while we cruised.

Now it’s time to make some decisions. I can’t really afford another $50 skein of the yarn at the moment, so it’s time for this top to go! But if I can’t make a top that barely has a front, what the heck can I do with it? I think the answer lies in a looser gauge. I was getting about 6 stitches per inch on 3.75 mm, and the fabric was nicely cohesive and super drapey (as rayon is).

Maybe a lace top instead? That would cut down on yardage. Hmmmm. In the meanwhile, I think the yarn is going to sit in the corner for awhile while I ponder more cooperative (and new and exciting) knits.


handspun scarf-to-be

A lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today, out of my handspun polwarth/alpaca/angora. Fuzzy!