(Click for big, really. It looks a lot better there.)

Thermal is finally up! Kind of felt like the sweater that would never end – I worked on it at Rhinebeck! Enjoy! Oh, and make sure you read the editor’s note at the very bottom of the page : )

mmm, warmness.

Finally, with pictures!

Lady Eleanor
Pattern: from Scarf Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colour 201, 10 balls
Needles: Denise US6

Yum yum. I finished Lady E last week and have worn it every day since (well, the days I’ve gone out). I was worried it would be too bulky to wear as a scarf, but it’s been fine – nice and warm! Easy and fast knitting; I knit backwards in both tiers! That was kind of fun.

I decided to go with the fringe in the book, but modified it a bit – instead of just folding the lengths in half, I folded them in half twice before attaching. This left 1/2 the length of tail that they called for, and I only did 3 rows of knots. This way I get a more substantial fringe (I found the one in the book to look a little scraggly) and shorter so it’s less likely to catch on things!

More photos!

I just love the big dramaticness of it all. I’m glad I went with a more subdued colour; I don’t think I could pull off one of those really bright colourways!


Ugh. The day? Not so great. Work was fine, and I got to start an awesome sample for the store! I’m making the cover “capecho” from Vogue Knitting, out of super yummy Blue Sky Worsted (different gauge than called for). I wanted to knit it (but not necessarily wear it myself), and megan wanted it for a store sample, so everybody wins. I started today and I have four pentagons done!

Hopefully I won’t get *too* sick of pentagons, because I also want to knit the Bubble Sweater from Knitting Nature. I’ve set my sights on some Manos in a colour that I’ve loved forever. Soon, soon.

The back of the organic cabled raglan is done, and the front is proceeding in quite a timely manner as well. After the front is done I’ll probably be taking a short break until more of the yarn comes in. The pattern is a bit hard on my hands – so many twists and cables (I cable without a needle, of course – it would be so tedious to use a cabled needle on a piece like this!). So it’s probably good to take a break.

I’ve been thinking of starting a new super-simple shawl, out of some Nature’s Palette that I bought awhile back. I have three each of two different blue shades, because I couldn’t decide between them! The question is, what shall I do? I’m already thinking just along the lines of cast on 3, inc at the beginning of each row in st st – but holding one strand of each colour together, or softly grading the colours by working 2 balls of dark, then alternating one ball of each colour, and ending with the last 2 balls?

Hm. Sounds like I’ve already made up my mind!