Month: November 2006

  • missing: one weekend

    Sadly, I wasn’t partying it up with anyone or doing any thing illict or “fun”. And suddenly it’s Monday and I’m not done any assignments or finished any knitting project (although I have been thinking about the latter!). So instead, I will share my new challenge for the next two weeks: an Elimination Diet (for […]

  • past my forehead

    I am waaaayyyyy past up to my eyeballs in work. So. Much. Schoolwork. I’ve got a plan, which lets me complete each assignment well before it is due and even gives me time to study for exams (I just have 2). Unfortunately, I don’t know if I allotted enough time for each paper…I guess I’ll […]

  • newly listed

    I’ve finally updated my Etsy shop with new skeins. More to come soon. Take a look-see, wouldja?