missing: one weekend

Sadly, I wasn’t partying it up with anyone or doing any thing illict or “fun”. And suddenly it’s Monday and I’m not done any assignments or finished any knitting project (although I have been thinking about the latter!).

So instead, I will share my new challenge for the next two weeks: an Elimination Diet (for my eczema). The List?

– tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, eggplant, potatoes
– bananas, citrus, strawberries
– gluten-containing grains (barley, rye, oats, wheat, spelt)
– soy and soy products
– dairy
– eggs
– peanuts, pistachios, cashews
– table salt
– refined oils, margarine
– all sweeteners (sugar, honey, molasses, glucose, corn syrup, etc)
– caffeinated beverages
– alcohol

Duuuuuude. I tried brown rice pasta today, and it was ok – not my favourite thing ever, but I think it’ll do. Had it with broccoli, peas, and garlic+chili olive oil. And I bought a whoooole lotta stuff that I can eat from the grocery store, so I have it on hand to snack on, etc.

Wish me luck! And seriously, pictures of stuff soon. Tomorrow.

past my forehead

I am waaaayyyyy past up to my eyeballs in work. So. Much. Schoolwork. I’ve got a plan, which lets me complete each assignment well before it is due and even gives me time to study for exams (I just have 2). Unfortunately, I don’t know if I allotted enough time for each paper…I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Obviously, knitting and spinning have suffered a bit – the stress is making me not want to do ANYTHING, not even knit. I end up sitting here, doing nothing. It sucks. And I have knitting deadlines as well, so it’s pretty hard to make any time for personal knitting or even gift knitting, so the latter isn’t going to happen.

Of course, what with my eyes being bigger than my…schedule, I’ve got my mind set on a couple new projects. I need to make some winterwear accessories and stuff of course, but the project I REALLY WANT TO KNIT NOW is Aberlady from the Celtic Collection (by you-know-who).

An AS that is actually fitted? Amazing! I have my sights set on a particular yarn, too – Blackberry Ridge Wool/Silk fingering weight. In natural gray. I want to make the body longer, so I’d probably get 5 skeins to be safe.

Questions: is this a good yarn for this sweater? (Sorry I can’t show a photo, but you know.) It needs to show a texture pattern really, really well, and be soft enough for next to the skin. I’m a bit of a delicate flower, but I can handle some woolyness. The other yarn I was thinking of is Baby Ull, but I’m not sure I want to go with 100% wool – the silk would be really nice for drape.

Of course, this is after I knit multiple deadline projects, a couple of blankets, a long sweater coat, an aran, over the knee socks, shawl….

Back to, um, writing a paper. I have photos of where I’ve abandoned the log cabin blanket – to come tomorrow.