Month: September 2006

  • cool beans

    Check out the awesome socks Lori at Yarnbeans made with a skein of my handspun! Things: I can’t believe it – it’s not even midnight and I’m super duper tired. May have something to do with a stressful day, with more on the way. I still have lots of reading to do tonight though… I […]

  • rainy nights

    Torontonians: does it seem like it’s been raining a LOT? I’m starting to get tired of perpetually wet pant-bottoms. Ew. That said, the rain sure sounds nice when I’m all inside and dry with my knitting… I have finally completed my commission knitting for the time being, so it’s on to bigger and better things! […]

  • Serrano – yarn subs

    So. I know that it’s been frustrating for those of you who want to knit Serrano out of Schaefer Anne, and haven’t been able to find matching skeins! Anne is supposed to be a yarn where every skein is unique – leftover dyes, or something like that. However, the company has seen the pattern, and […]