whoops, it’s late again

I’m a night person – I like the house quiet and dark, and I tend to stay up late and sleep in. Tonight I went to the Victoria Day fireworks, then on the way back walked to Queen and Leslie, then a streetcar, subway, bus and walk later I was home. I was tired. But sleep? Nah. I plied up two bobbins instead (photos tomorrow).

I finally managed to finish the fronts of the Rowanspun jacket (needs a snappier name!) and I think they look pretty good. I’ve also started a sleeve, which being on the short side and straight, should go pretty fast.

Here are the results of the sock yarn dyeing (it was fun – maybe I should do more). I found it terribly difficult to get a good photo of the colour though, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It’s a pinky-purpley colour, with unexpected (although not unwelcome) flecks of blue. It’s quite varigated, and I quite like it!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get better photos of the colour once I start the actual sock project!

hmm, that’s a bit better

I’ve been getting comment spammed like WHOA. After realizing that I’d deleted over one THOUSAND comment spams in less than a week, I realized something had to be done! I upgraded my WordPress and installed a plugin that seems to be doing the job (although some spam is still making it through).

In the meanwhile, I’ve been busy spinning up a storm. Why yes, the spinning has been taking over the knitting a bit. But knitting pictures next time, I promise!

These are two skeins of skinny skinny stuff I’ve been spinning up – one thicker, one skinnier. Check it out: skinnier on the left, louet gems pearl in the middle, thicker on the right. These are both three ply merino!

I also motored through these singles from a single piece of Fleece Artist roving (I think it was BFL) – I loooove the colours. It’s charcoal with sections of bright teal and green.

And after two weird failures with the weavette (curling squares), I finally got this one to be flat. The colours remind me of a country kitchen, or something. Warp is handspun blue/red, weft is yellow Merino Style.

Finally, I finished my Soumak weaving piece. It’s small (about 9 cm x 8 cm, or 3.5″ by 3.25″) but awesome!

*click to see the back*

Unfortunately I hadn’t really left enough warp at the bottom edge to tie off properly, so I had to kind of wing it. This is about the maximum height of piece you can get off the 6×6 Weavette, I’m thinking (you could get wider than I’d done). Super fun!

Knitting progress next up. And dyeing results!

it is a good day to dye

I think this weekend shall be quite a dye-filled one.

I’ve got some merino from Denny to dye up – I’m going to dye it all, then give half to Denny and we’ll both spin it up and see how they compare. On the left there is a 225 g bag of merino/tussah (I’ve actually got two bags…shhhh) and on the right, sock yarn.

I bought the sock yarn to make the Traveler’s Stockings from Knitting on the Road – I love those socks! I couldn’t quite find the right colour though, so I bought some white to dye instead. Plus, I had this awesome leftover dyebath to use that was just right – I can’t for the life of me remember what went into it. I think it was a case of throwing roving into the pot, squirting some dye on it, and this mixed dye was what remained. In any case, the yarn’s already been dyed tonight (and I had to go and mess with this original awesome dyebath because I thought it wasn’t enough dye) and it looks awesome. Just perfect. Pictures soon!

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