baby it’s hot outside

Not thinking as much about the wool today (although let’s face it, I’m all about the wool) – how about some cotton?

I sewed this super awesome circle skirt today, out of some fabric I’ve had around from *last* summer. Really, really easy and fast – would have taken less than 2 hours from start to finish if I hadn’t messed up the waistband the first time. It’s an elastic waistband, but the first casing I made was too small to fit over my hips; it was the right size if I’d done a zipper instead. But I persevered, and just added another piece to the waistband to make it fit.

It’s super swingy! I love that. Maybe next time not quite a full circle – three quarters, maybe. I’m feeling the sewing love now…bring on the fabric store!

What? You want knitting? I gots a bit of knitting, too:

That’s the first of the completed sleeves from the rowanspun jacket. The second one is juuuuust about done, then it’s time for some finishing. I’ve also been working on some commission stuff.

(That isn’t complete, obviously.)

Transit on strike? Stay home from school and make a skirt! I certainly had fun.

yarn p-word

I just realized that there aren’t any photos of knitting in this post. Soon, soon…

Some new skeins, spun up from Fleece Artist dyed rovings – the back two are BFL, the green is merino. Yummy. (I think these will be for sale; let me know if you’re interested in any of them.)

I love this one the most, it’s so colourful.

New Yarn Alert! The elusive Vesper sock yarn, in Crew and Strange Little Mama. I worked on a sample sock in the store and just fell for the stripes. Perhaps it’s time for me to try dyeing self-striping stuff.

Note the Addi Turbo – if you know my needle habits, you’ll know that’s highly unusual! (I find them too slippery and blunt.) Hopefully the Vesper, Addi and I will all get along.

mmmm, wool

I’ve been dyeing up a storm – more roving:

These are merino rovings that I’m splitting with Denny – we’ll see what the other comes up with! I brought it on Wednesday, Denny, but you weren’t there!

And my first foray into some new dyes – I think this came out really pretty. I didn’t get enough dye between the layers, but now I actually like how it looks. I think it’ll spin up really nicely too.

A little bit of knitting. I’ve been working on a shop sample, using Alchemy Silken Straw in “Aubergine”. I loooooove the colour.

I’m kinda-almost-done the sleeves of the Rowanspun jacket, but I’ve had a lot of non-me knitting to do (some small commission pieces). I can’t promise an FO soon, but I am rather anxious to get something (anything) done!