and what a dream!

Well, the weekend may be officially over, but I think I still kept my promise erin!

Dreamcatcher Medallion Cardigan
Pattern: by Teva Durham, from Loop-d-Loop
Yarn: Elann Highland Silk in “Oxblood”
Needles: Denise US 6
Finished: April 22, 2006

It’s everything I hoped it would be! Comfy, perfect fit, and certainly eye-catching. The yarn was lovely to work with, a bit dry-feeling from the silk but beautiful nonetheless. I made the smallest size of the sweater, knit at a very slightly tighter gauge, which loosened up upon blocking. There was so much going on at once I had to write out a row-by-row guide! It certainly made things easier, though. My back neck seam, which I thought I’d have to redo after blocking, actually lies very well. And the medallion? Super easy to do, once you figure out the instructions (I had a bit of a snafu but still managed to finish it within an SnB evening).

All in all, a great knit. And the buttons? I got ’em at Fabricland, and you know, they’re perfect. Some may notice that it looks like I’m missing a button at the top of the band – and you’d be right. I only bought 6 buttons but actually needed 7. Eh, I can live without it. It’s not like I’d have done up the top button anyway!

And in new yarn – spun up a skein of merino in violets with a touch of blue. DIY light tent of the day – white pillowcase. I wonder if my mom would miss it if I cut it up to build a sturdier light tent?

a long Frolic

Whew. The Knitter’s Frolic was great – besides all the yarn and fibre, it was just great to be in that environment, around all the gorgeous things and other obsessed people! Got a tea or coffee? This might be a bit long.

The only yarn I bought – six skeins of Shelridge Farm W4, in Mulberry. Despite any weird bias problems, I still do love it. Hopefully this batch will have better sweater mojo than the last batch – which reminds me, I stil have two sleeves to reknit. Oy.

The rest was alllll spinning fibre. Mostly from The Black Lamb. I’m SO going to have to get out there one of these days.

The two bags on the left are pindrafted merino/silk, upper right is lambswool/angora, bottom right is superwash merino.

Dyed South African top.

450 g (a pound) of oatmeal merino. I’m thinking…sweater yarn!

A couple of corriedale batts. I should’ve bought more.


Alpaca – on the left, pindrafted baby alpaca in three colours; on the right, carded chocolate brown alpaca.

That’s everything! I reorganized my fibre stash, and whoa, it’s getting a bit big. I can’t wait to spin all this stuff up! And like I said, I just loved wandering around, checking everything out. I was very tempted by bags of Jo Sharp at GoodBuyYarn, but it was packaged in bags costing $145 – just couldn’t justify spending that much on top of everything I bought! If this is the Frolic, Rhinebeck is going to be….interesting.

I’d better start saving now.

extremely urgent

Ooooooooh. Two pounds of tussah roving! Pretty urgent to me.

New yarn: colour-changing yarn!

It’s red, then orange, then yellow over the course of the skein (with some inbetweeny parts as well). About equal amounts of each.

And just because I’m so excited about them, my seedlings!

I’ve got two kinds of cherry tomatoes (yellow pear and black), dark green zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, sugar baby watermelon, lincoln peas, and sweet basil. I’ve got to replant but quick, and get the tomatoes a grow light. I’m so happy they’re just growing!

See you at the Frolic tomorrow?