on the go

Ah, the List. Perhaps the List will help my brain sort out what it wants to do.

Currently On the Needles:
– latest project for stockinette-during-reading – a simple jacket out of Rowanspun 4ply, held double.

It’s, uh, a bit bigger than I was going for – measures about 19″ across the back. But it’ll be ok – it’s just supposed to be a casual cardigan/jacket thing. Hopefully it won’t grow a whole bunch when it gets blocked.

– cable/rib cardigan. ummmm…..I just really don’t want to knit the sleeves again. I’m awaiting a copy of Knitting from the Top to do a top-down set in sleeve.
– supermerino cardigan, my own design, just a few inches into it.
– whitby socks. Just a couple inches of foot to do on the second one – I know I could finish it if I just devoted an evening to it, dammit.
– silky wool/tweed raglan – done the body, need to start the sleeves.
– toe-up lorna’s laces sock – I’ve only got the foot of the first one done. If I turn the heel, it would be perfect for stockinette-while-reading…but alas, it just sits.
– vintage blue cardigan – working on the second sleeve. No body yet, although again…candidate for stockinette-while-reading.

Projects in mind:
– that Garnstudio DROPS circle cardi. I love it. I just haven’t come up with a yarn yet. I think I might do it in the Sheldridge Farm wool that I got from the Frolic and maybe do the next size up to compensate for the gauge. On the other hand…I kind of really want to buy some Summer Tweed for it.
– Raspy (Rowan Denim People) or raspy-esque pullover out of Pakucho cotton in one of the green shades, stashed from last summer.
– Some kind of lacey cardigan.
– Fitted blazer out of double-stranded Rowanspun in midnight, at a tighter gauge than what I’m doing with the other Rowanspun. Thinking either the Shocking! jacket by Veronique Avery, or the jacket that’s by Debbie Bliss from an older Interweave.

I’m feeling quite uninspired at the moment, really. And I’d love to follow someone else’s pattern for something. Oh well, for now I’ll read and knit stockinette, and then I’ll try to come up with something fresh and different and somewhat girly that’ll kick start me again. Any suggestions?

of sweaters and squares

Despite my being sort of ….eh about the knitting right now (and even my not-that-pumped is still pretty damn obsessed), I’ve been working on this raglan out of Silky Tweed.

I think I’m just about to the underarm now – I’ll probably do a few more rounds to make sure it’s long enough. Then I’ll have to decide what I’m going to do for the yoke! Luckily, I think I’m going to have enough yarn. I’ve got two more skeins of the grey left for the yoke, and the front’s going to be a vneck, no so worries there. Maybe I’ll start a sleeve just for a change.

Last night at SnB with stephannie looking over my shoulder (just kidding), I wove a square out of Artyarns Ultramerino leftovers.

As you can see….it’s acting weird. Very, very weird. (I really like that photo though. Good light today.)

Here’s how the fabric should look: all nice and even, flat.

Here’s what it looks like in the bottom half of the square…

See the slanty bits in the horizontal strands? The yarn was twisting, so I let out some of the twist, but I either did it too much or not enough. That’s what’s causing the curling! It’s the damnedest thing. Hopefully it’s just a one-off – or I’ll have to stick with the yarns I’ve used so far and had good luck with!

Final tidbit of the day (and I promise there are going to be some FO’s around here soon) – I was at Ikea the other day and bought this cute basket. I’ve decided it shall be…the shawl basket. Yeah, it’s actually full of shawls. They could be folded more efficiently to maximize the number of items, but for now – it’s just the right size!

(Visible: grey Charlotte’s Web, handspun Flower Basket, and Silken Clapotis on top.)

the time has come…

…I’m LT smash? Well, not so much.

BUT, random Simpsons references aside…I’ve decided to list some of my handspun yarns for sale! There’s a link on my sidebar, or click here! No Etsy for now, since the fees seem a bit steep to me in addition to Paypal fees. So low-key it is.

Back with more knitting content soon!