Month: April 2006

  • on the go

    Ah, the List. Perhaps the List will help my brain sort out what it wants to do. Currently On the Needles: – latest project for stockinette-during-reading – a simple jacket out of Rowanspun 4ply, held double. It’s, uh, a bit bigger than I was going for – measures about 19″ across the back. But it’ll […]

  • of sweaters and squares

    Despite my being sort of ….eh about the knitting right now (and even my not-that-pumped is still pretty damn obsessed), I’ve been working on this raglan out of Silky Tweed. I think I’m just about to the underarm now – I’ll probably do a few more rounds to make sure it’s long enough. Then I’ll […]

  • the time has come…

    …I’m LT smash? Well, not so much. BUT, random Simpsons references aside…I’ve decided to list some of my handspun yarns for sale! There’s a link on my sidebar, or click here! No Etsy for now, since the fees seem a bit steep to me in addition to Paypal fees. So low-key it is. Back with […]