Month: May 2005

  • size zeros, please

    I have discovered a) that size 0’s for socks is really cool (love the fabric) and b) clover double points are really quite nice, and pointy like I like ’em. My favourite part of the sock is the heel flap. I love knitting it. The only thing with the size 0 dpns? I still love […]

  • internal debate

    Specimen: Sideways Spencer. Problem: The sleeve is supposed to be worked until 16″ before casting on the body, which is two pattern repeats. Unfortunately, my row gauge is off and after 2 repeats, it’s more like 14″. So if I added another full repeat (the sleeve is supposed to end at the end of the […]

  • swoon

    I’ve decided to start some new projects. Isn’t that shiny new project feeling oh-so-good? Well, first up some boy socks. They are grey Fortissima Cottolaua, on 2 mm Clover dpns – I wanted Brittanys, but these were the ones we had at the store and although they are long, they have good points. So it’s […]