Month: April 2005

  • she sews

    I finished this cute summery skirt. It’s 100% cotton. It’s unlined, so it’s very light and swingy! It was a pain in the ass though…ah well, I’ll know for next time – follow logic and not the pattern. I’ve also been knitting – doing the waist decreases on Soleil: Spinning, too – I started spinning […]

  • in craft up to my ears

    I’ve got so many things to do, and very many of them are crafty which makes me happy! Of course, there’s still that pesky exam next week, but…we won’t talk about that (don’t worry, I’ve got my schedule all set up and will be studying muchly – this exam’s worth 50%!). I received a Global […]

  • cotton and more cotton

    Nothing much to report, although I did rediscover why I don’t like sewing very much. I can handle straight seams, curved seams, even zippers. But a dress I worked on the other night has gotten the better of me, and I give up on that. Not that it’s difficult, but after all the struggles it […]