she sews

I finished this cute summery skirt.

It’s 100% cotton. It’s unlined, so it’s very light and swingy! It was a pain in the ass though…ah well, I’ll know for next time – follow logic and not the pattern.

I’ve also been knitting – doing the waist decreases on Soleil:

Spinning, too – I started spinning up the dyed Wensleydale top. I think I might finally have gotten the drafting thing a little better, because this is quite a bit thinner and a bit more consistent than what I was getting before.

Last but not least, I finished my first bag for sale!

Both inner and outer material are 100% cotton, preshrunk. Outside a black and white fish print, inside purple check. The straps are 100% acrylic, but are flexible and soft like cotton. In the second pic, the bag’s holding 3 skeins 1 balls of yarn and isn’t even half full! Dimensions are approx 11″ x 4″ x 10″. Special intro price is $25 USD or $32 CDN which includes shipping! Email me if you’re interested – I take Paypal (balance transfer only) or personal check.

I’ll be setting up a temporary page soon for this stuff, and I’m trying to get my new website up and running too! I’d better get to work!

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in craft up to my ears

I’ve got so many things to do, and very many of them are crafty which makes me happy! Of course, there’s still that pesky exam next week, but…we won’t talk about that (don’t worry, I’ve got my schedule all set up and will be studying muchly – this exam’s worth 50%!).

I received a Global Priority Mail box! It contained some yummy fiber.

The white is a pound of Corriedale top which I’m planning to dye with Kool-aid when I have some time, and the light blue is Ingeo – corn fiber! It’s cooool, but I don’t want to mess it up so it’ll probably wait around for a little bit while I, you know, learn to spin better.

I also got this handpainted Wensleydale top.

As for the knitting, I seem to have been bitten by a bout of startitis. The Phildar Jacket looks like this…

But I’ve started these:

Soleil, out of the Madil All Seasons (I love lace!)…

…and a cardigan out of black Cotton-Ease (I love you Cotton-ease!). It’s a raglan with kangaroo pockets and – my favourite part – both a knit-in hem at the bottom and a facing for the zipper at the front edges.

So you can see I’ve got quite a few things to keep me busy – I’m also working on a springy skirt for myself, as well as bags to put up for sale. Also, I’m going to redesign and launch my own domain which will house the blog plus a little webshop – if anyone wants to offer their coding expertise, I would be ever so grateful! Oh, and I got a *great* deal on registering the domain, server space, etc. – less than $10 for a year! Email me if you’re interested in the deets.

Happy Monday!

cotton and more cotton

Nothing much to report, although I did rediscover why I don’t like sewing very much. I can handle straight seams, curved seams, even zippers. But a dress I worked on the other night has gotten the better of me, and I give up on that. Not that it’s difficult, but after all the struggles it doesn’t even fit. Bah. Oh well. I did cut pieces for a tried-and-true skirt, so I’m off to sew that up shortly.

So. Cotton-Ease. I think I will buy some now (well, this week). But what colours? I’m thinking strawberry cream, blueberry, maybe just a skein or two of pistachio (pink + green = yay) and one of banana cream or pineapple. What do y’all think on that? Banana cream or pineapple?

I’m oh-so-close to being done the knitting of the phildar jacket. Seaming shall commence tonight, and maybe a new project will too.