Month: November 2004

  • detour

    So today I tried to crochet a scarf for my dad. Unfortunately, uh….my crochet skills are not all that great. My foundation chain was too loose, and the fabric that I got was just too hole-y. I tried using a smaller hook, but I think I actually just don’t like the fabric that crochet creates. […]

  • some done, some not

    First up, mini-charlotte: And currently in progress, my (cabled) ribbed cardie: That’s the body, which is one piece to the armholes. I’m aimin’ to get that done tonight – I’ve got 4″ to go (total= 15 inches). It goes superfast, though – yay for 10.5 US needles! One FO, the brown sideways scarf. I think […]

  • me time

    quick, quick, before my stupid internet decides not to work again. stupid slow sympatico! I was all set to take lots of pictures to put up, but lo and behold my batteries are dead. I did take this yesterday, though: First snow of the year. It was a pretty miserable day yesterday…so very much rain. […]