So today I tried to crochet a scarf for my dad. Unfortunately, uh….my crochet skills are not all that great. My foundation chain was too loose, and the fabric that I got was just too hole-y. I tried using a smaller hook, but I think I actually just don’t like the fabric that crochet creates. At least, not for something to be worn. So, now I need to decide on a scarf pattern for my dad. I’m leaning towards double-stranded garter stitch on 8 mm needles. I don’t think I have it in me right now to do the Irish Hiking Scarf, and I don’t think it would show up very well in dark dark blue yarn.

I haven’t quite made it to the armholes on the ribby, but I’m almost there – 1 inch left. I’m going to study for a little more (working on psych now) and then work on it while watching Buffy at midnight. It’s the second part of the ep where Kendra gets killed and Buffy sends Angel to the Hell dimension!

…I woke up at 2 pm today. Yeesh. Must’ve been all the staying up to do work this week finally catching up to me.

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some done, some not

First up, mini-charlotte:

And currently in progress, my (cabled) ribbed cardie:

That’s the body, which is one piece to the armholes. I’m aimin’ to get that done tonight – I’ve got 4″ to go (total= 15 inches). It goes superfast, though – yay for 10.5 US needles!

One FO, the brown sideways scarf.

I think it turned out quite well, even though I could’ve managed another row or two before binding off. Really needs to be blocked.

Christmas gifts not yet done
– mini-charlotte for auntie
– capelet for mom
– scarf for dad
– armwarmers or something for sister #1
– socks for sister #2
– sideways sari silk scarf for cuz
– something for my grandmother

I think I’m on track!

me time

quick, quick, before my stupid internet decides not to work again. stupid slow sympatico!

I was all set to take lots of pictures to put up, but lo and behold my batteries are dead. I did take this yesterday, though:

First snow of the year. It was a pretty miserable day yesterday…so very much rain. And now it’s all cold! I need me some wooly accessories, quick!

Here’s the completed hat for my cousin. Still needs its ends woven in, but MEH. Don’t mind my pj’s, there.

I finished my grandfather’s scarf, finally. It took me about half an hour to bind off! All my paranoia about not having enough yarn to bind off with…I could definitely have done another row, maybe two before I had to bind off. But oh well, I’m certainly NOT undoing that friggin thing. Hm, what else, what else…

I worked a bit on my Jo Sharp ribby (notice how the name changes often?) and now have about, oh, 4 inches or so of the body. I really want to get it done, but at the same time I should be concentrating on Christmas presents. Speaking of which, I think the next push of Christmas knitting shall be mini-charlotte and my mum’s capelet, which I’m doing in double-stranded Blue Heron cotton using Stefanie’s fabby pattern in Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation.

As for that paper…well. I juuuust managed to fit it into 4 pages. I didn’t have much in the way of a conclusion, and it pretty much just sucked. But at least it’s done and handed in. Oh, and I got back my test for the same class (Psychology of Language) that I submitted for remarking, and my mark went up 1.5 points! Hooray for getting a….C.

Better than a D, I say.